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This is a sign to be placed at the entrance to parking lots notifying those who park illegaly that their car may be towed or booted and who to contact in the event that occurs.


Minimum size: two and one-half feet by three feet

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Preferred Fonts
  • Sans-serif


The sign is meant to alert those seeking to park in a private lot that if they do so without paying or following parking lot rules, they may get towed or booted. The current sign is a disaster: hundreds of words jammed together. No one reads it or notices it. We have included a picture of the current sign.

The new sign needs to be user friendly (maybe even friendly) and use icons. Please feel free to try larger font size at the top of the sign and then smaller font size (but still easy to read) for the contact details toward the bottom. Also, feel free to be creative with langauge or imagery at the top of the sign to ensure people see the sign (e.g., "Hello!")

The below language MUST be included on the sign:

If you park here in violation of parking lot rules, your vehicle may be impounded (towed or booted) at your risk and expense.

If your vehicle has been towed, call 000-000-0000
The cost of impound is $50.00 per day. You may also be charged additional amounts by the tow company to retreive your vehicle.

If you vehicle has been booted, call 000-000-0000
The cost of removing a boot is $75 per day.
This fee is payable cash, check, and credit or debit card.

NOTE: Your vehicle may not be impounded if you return before boot or tow is attached.
NOTE: Booted vehicles may be towed 24 hours after being booted.

This parking lot is owned and operated by (Name of legal entity owning parking lot/area) and can be reached at 000-000-0000 for resolution of any disputes.
If at any time you feel unsafe or need additional dispute resolution, please contact the Atlanta Police Department by calling 911.

This is sign is posted by order of Atlanta City Code.

Top 3 Things

1. User-friendly design (that people will notice) such that people are not surprised that they may get impounded if they park illegaly.
2. That the City cares about it's visitors and residents
3. Clear remedies and instructions for those who get towed or booted


The sign will include icons/imagery for towing and booting. The sign will be noticeable but not garish or loud. Do not include "WARNING!" or any alarmist, angry langauge. Ideally, the sign will be praised for it's clarity, user-friendly design and langauge, and maybe even it's aesthetics. It will be posted outside hundreds, if not thousands, of private parking lots across the City so it needs to reflect the City well.

Additional Info

There are few, if any, great parking information signs. Often, they are confusing and difficult to read (see the picture of our current sign that we included in this posting). We want a sign that reflects our City's welcoming and friendly nature and still communicates the necessary information for those who park illegaly. Good design will be clear and use color that is noticable but not loud. See: https://www.behance.net/gallery/9672509/... (though we realize we require a lot more text than these signs have).

Be creative and put yourself in the shoes of someone who may be a bit confused and looking for a place to park. This sign should be polite/friendly but also make it clear that parking illegaly may result in being towed or booted.

Necessary file formats: ai, jpeg, pdf



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