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Manar Mall, one of the prominent malls in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE is currently expanding its mall which is uniquely located along a waterfront. Part of the expansion project will offer customers the opportunity to walk along a promenade outside across the waterfront area with areas to sit.


How presentation will be used

The purpose of this icon is to clearly indicate to customers the sign and location of the Promenade feature located outside along the waterfront. It will be used on the internal and external directional signs in the mall.


We would like a scalable version of icon depending on the future use of this icon.

Colors to Explore


Preferred Fonts
  • Sans-serif


The signage should just contain an icon which will indicate the promenade

Top 3 Things

1. Outdoors along waterfront 2. Walking along waterfront 3. Seating area available


To clearly indicate that the Mall has this prominent outdoor waterfront promenade without confusion. To encourage and entice customers to want to discover it by following the clearly indicated icon without having to ask what it means.

Additional Info

This icon is required for a promenade located by the back entrance of the mall. It is a walking path by a backwater in which there is an island of mangroves on one side and food & beverage stalls & the mall on the other.

This is to be used on the directional signs within the mall, it should give them clear indication that it is a promenade upon seeing the icon.



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