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Women's Link

What do you do?

newsletter for working women

Target Audience

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Describe your audience

working women -- all ages -- all walks of life (in North America)

How do you intend to use this newsletter (print, email, web, etc.)?

email newsletter plus online archives. Article may appear in other advertising or on the web.

What 3 things do you want to communicate to your audience through this newsletter?

see notes below

Style and Details

Do you have a title for this newsletter?

Get in Command Your Thoughts and Be in Command of Your Life!

What information MUST be included?

Alternative title: Whether You Think You Can, or Think You Cant, Youre Right!
Open to a different title idea

What Im looking for:

An article on how your how your thoughts impact your life, and how you dont have to be a slave to your money-mind and your stinkin thinkin. You will see positive improvements in your life just by making reducing the number of thoughts that arent helping you and increasing the number of thoughts that do.

Misc info you might want to include (not required):
Most people have around 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts in a day.
Many people sabotage themselves by dwelling on thoughts that dont help them
You cant control everything you think but you dont have to act on everything you think And you can control some of what you think you can plant positive thoughts.

Here are the types of things my readers have complained about in the past if you can incorporate some of these of examples in the article, and show them how to think differently about these matters, I think it would add strength to the article
My boss is awful and unsupportive.
My life would be so much different if I had more money or a husband or X you name it
I work with someone who is deceitful and manipulative
My life is a mess I dont see it getting any better
Im afraid I might lose my job and I dont know how Id make it
Im unhappy

What character, tenor or spirit do you want to convey?

I'd like for this article to be a wake-up call for folks ... I don't think many people understand that what they choose to think about every day ... what they dwell on ... is impacting their lives so much (especially the worriers and negative people). I want this to offer hope and direction to them on how to "think" their way into a better, brighter present and future.

What is your required length in words or pages for this newsletter?

400-700 give or take a little

Do you want to include additional info?

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