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A powerful way to find your unique business name...

Your company's brand identity is everything visual about your brand, including the name of your company or organization. It's impossible for a business to create a great brand identity and impress customers and prospects with a boring name already used by other businesses.

An online business name generator can't help - they offer generic, uninspiring names that make it impossible for customers to fall in love with your unique company.

Crowdspring is different. Our global team helps clients find unique, custom names (and matching domains) with a dramatically simple process. It's never been easier to get captivating business name ideas or product name ideas - suggested by real people, not machines - that will delight your customers and set you apart from your bland competition.

We have everything you need in a fresh, easy-to-use interface (project management, namer discovery, feedback, IP protections for the work you're buying, award-winning customer service, and more) for a price that's 25 to 50 times less than you would pay an agency. Guaranteed!

Crowdspring makes the work of finding your perfect business name or product name a fun, interactive experience - we won't be surprised if you forget that you're actually working.

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Why choose crowdspring for naming your business?

Talented creatives, lots of choice.

Stop wasting your valuable time elsewhere. Over 210,000 talented creatives from 195 countries work on crowdspring.

Business names you'll love, guaranteed.

Terrific business names that drive results. If your naming project doesn’t receive at least 100 entries, just let us know within 30 days and we'll promptly refund what you paid.

Award-winning customer support.

All the support you need, when you need it. Our dedicated support team (99% customer satisfaction) is available by phone, email, and chat to ensure your success.

Protect your intellectual property.

Powerful intellectual property protections, made simple. Every project includes industry leading customized legal contracts and policies that protect your intellectual property.

We provide compelling brand stories ...

Brand story provided by creative mt1895.

'A great tagline (bonus) would be: You can't say Asabasa Spice Co. without first saying AHH. Asabasa is a fun word I like to say when I am feeling great and relaxed. It has no meaning and is not associated with any language from my research. The name is a palindrome which can be spelled and pronounced the same forward or backwards - which means no matter which way you look at it, it still says AHHH (HOW COOL IS THAT!) The name can indeed be trademarked in the USA for sure. It can be branded and it surely has character & personality. The name is essentially just ONE word and only seven characters and uses only three letters.'

Asabasa spice company name

We explain why the business name is memorable ...

Brand story provided by creative Itswords.

'Clink has a double meaning - the sound two glasses make during CHEERS. :) And, it's slang for jail - a reference to the historic building your brewery occupies. The name is fun, easy to say, spell and remember, and the reference to a sound 'clink' and to water makes it a memorable name.'

Clinkwater Brewery name

We explain the origins of the name ...

Brand story provided by creative 1parker.

'The name has only 5 letters, it pronounces equally in many languages and there is a nice meaning to it (latin for castle, fortress).'

ARXUM name

Fundamentals of Great Business Names

Why is a strong business name important?

A brand is a name, term, design, or symbol that differentiates a business, organization, firm, product or services from its rivals, in the eyes of the customer.

A strong brand name communicates what your company does, how it does it, and at the same time, establishes trust and credibility with your prospects and customers. Strong business names are important for every type of entity, including corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLC), LLP, PLC, joint ventures, and others.

Business names can be real words, made-up words, or combinations of words. For example, Hospira, a name selected by the company's employees, was derived from the words hospital, spirit, inspire, and the Latin word spero, which means hope. Bosch, a German diversified technology-based corporation, was named after its founder, Robert Bosch.

Some famous companies started operating under different names but later changed those names. For example, Google was initially called BackRub. Pepsi-Cola was initially called Brad's Drink. Sony was initially known as Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo. BP, formerly British Petroleum, was shortened as part of a rebranding effort in 2000.

Some companies choose to operate under a trade name, or trading name, which is a pseudonym frequently used by companies to operate under a name different from their registered legal name.

If you have an existing name that no longer fits your brand, you can learn more about the why and how to rename your business, and review the 10 tips for naming your startup or small business on our award-winning business marketing blog.

Should you use a business name generator?

Some services claim they can help you create business names and check domain availability instantly by using computers instead of real people.

The truth is that computers can help generate random, unique names, but how many of those names will actually be a foundation for a strong brand?

There's a reason the world's best marketers, agencies, and Brands rely on real people to name companies and not on algorithms. In fact, none of the most successful companies in the United States or anywhere else in the world were named by a machine.

A name generator, whether it's a free business name generator or one for which you pay, will just spit out lots of random words, not actual brands. Business name generators are unimaginative and uninspired.

So whether you're a first-time entrepreneur seeking strong company name ideas or have an existing business considering a rebrand, avoid algorithmic business name generators and get the perfect name for your business from real people, not machines.

And if you get your new catchy business name from crowdspring, you'll get not just terrific new name ideas, but you'll also get suggestions for the perfect domain name that matches the name of the business.

how crowdspring works...

1.Tell us what you need.

  • Interactive Q&A customized for naming projects.
  • Flexible pricing for everyone.
  • Simple (takes just a few minutes) and proven process.


"I loved working with crowdspring! It was so exciting to watch your project pick up steam as you gave feedback to the creatives. It felt very collaborative and you have so many creative people submitting ideas just for your project. Their system is organized, easy to use and understand. I am so happy with the results!"
Ali Hissey, Founder, Hissey Fit
step 1 for naming projects

2.Work with our über-talented creatives

  • Multiple creatives submit dozens of name ideas.
  • Review, rate, and give feedback.
  • One price. Pick the name you love.


"In 10 years I have launched 17 projects on crowdspring and have always been impressed. Crowdspring brings 10 maybe even 100 times more creativity than simply working with a single random creative I could have found outside of crowdspring where I might only see a couple different concepts. And the price is very affordable."
Steven Krane, Entrepreneur & Investor
step 2 for naming projects

3.Pick the winning name and finalize the project.

  • Select the winner.
  • Make final adjustments.
  • Receive full rights to the work you purchased.

FAQs for step 3

"I just finished my 2nd of 3 projects with crowdspring. The first was an incredible book cover. This new project was artwork for a wooded token. I have a 3rd project on going for the development of a logo for graphic for my wife's jewelry business. I'll summarize - Don't waste your time at other sites - just come to The experience, the talent and the result will only make your life easier."
Robert Dixon, Bob Dixon Consulting Services
step 3 for naming projects

Our customers love us.

Crowdspring is the first stop for any aspiring entrepreneur, whether bootstrapped or VC-backed. The creative power of the their crowd is unmatched anywhere.

business and product naming Hiro Taylor testimonial photo
Hiro Taylor
CEO, HeroPay

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10 things to consider when naming your business

The name of your company distinguishes your company, products or services from its rivals in the eyes of your customers and potential customers. A company's name can be derived from other words (often, English or Latin) or it can be a made-up word. In fact, many famous company names have unique name etymologies.

If you want to stand out from your competitors, stay far away from free company or business name generators because you'll end up with a generic, uninspiring name.

Here are the 10 things you should consider when deciding on a new name for a company or business:

  1. Think about what you want your company name to convey.
  2. Brainstorm to identify name possibilities.
  3. Keep the name short, simple, and easy to write and remember.
  4. Avoid names that are too narrow or literal.
  5. Avoid decisions by committee but do test the name with others.
  6. Avoid plain words.
  7. Be careful with geographic names.
  8. Avoid obscure words.
  9. Avoid trends.
  10. Consider whether you can register a domain and obtain a trademark.

For more details on each of these, read 10 tips for finding the best name for your business. You'll find tons more popular articles about naming your business, plus reviews from our customers, lower on this page.

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