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About Your Company

We are a starup that designs, makes, and sells RF-type products to car OEMs. The products include antennas and wireless charging systems for electric vehicles (EVs)


Current Website
Target Audience

Car manufacturers. But the product name could filter down to consumers, as well.

Creative should NOT use

It's a B2B product offering. It's revolutionary and hugely useful. Might want to have some gravitas in the name.


We special, different, innovative, breakthrough-ish

Top 3 Things

breakthrough, innovative, convenient

Additional Info

We are looking for a product name that could be initially used in B2B situations and perhaps later transition into more of a consumer brand. The product is a revolutionary, patented new way to charge your electric vehicle (EV). You simply drive on top of the mat and RF energy starts to flow between two antennas (one on the mat and one under the car). This replaces the tedious process of having to pull out a plug each time you get home to charge, and then remember to pull the plug out when you leave.

Currently, some EV companies offer such drive over systems for their customers and they use inductive charging. Their products will cost 2-3X more than ours (ours selling for $400. Most importantly, our system allows the user to park at any angle over the mat. And our mat can be much larger than the competing technology.

In essence, we offer a “thoughtless“, more convenient charging solution. And that you would not have to think about how you park your car. Just pull over the mat at any angle and you would be charged.

Competitive product names, all using the other inductive technology, are: WAVE(Wireless Advanced Vehicle Electrification), HEVO (Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Optimization), Evatran Plugless, Halo, DRIVE 11, Elix, OLEV (Online Electric Vehicle)



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