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Creative Brief

Who are you?

My name is Robert Marinucci,Owner of Marinucci Builders, Inc. & inventor of a unique Drywall Clip.
Objective of this clip is to facilitate the installation of drywall (DW) sheets that pass the standard framing stud. This clip features slots in which adjascent drywall sheets fit, as well as tapered edges that snug onto the DW material, then screwed in place.
Design Advantages;

Helps drywall installers to put up drywall with no cutting required, except @ corners or @ the the end of the wall.Reduces the amount of time needed to finish a job & boosts efficiency.
Minimizes wasted material, about 15% of the job total.
Will eliminate toxic drywall waste 1.3 tons of enviromental gypsum going into our soils @ waste stations.(Making this a green product).
Works with all standard sheets sizes of drywall.

Design Features;
Please see graphics attached!!
To install,(starting @ the corner) the user slides several clips onto the edge of a sheet of drywall, then brings the second sheet & attaches the drywall to the Right sude of the clip, then fastens the clip using drywall screws: user can work right to left or left to right
When the user installs the screws, the front & back grio & hold the drywall in place
These clips will be produced in all standard sizes for the industry.

What do you need?

To name this device as a user friendly product which will facilitate the installation of drywall. In addition by useing this device you will be helping the enviroment by not dumping wastful drywall into our landfills

Who Is Your Audience?

Namely Sub-contractors who install drywall every day for a living. All building Supply houses. Home Depot/Lowes,
Hardware Stores, Lumber Supplies, Gypsum Suppliers, Ames Taping tools,


We Like These Examples

please see attached graphics for further instruction.

We Absolutely Must Have

feel free to be as creative as you like



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