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About Your Company

We're manufacturing the world's most efficient air conditioner, saving electricity bills by 50% (and the subsequent reduction in carbon footprint) while completely eliminating the harm done by refridgerants. We're working directly with developers (B2B) initially but want a name that is as attractive to end users as to architects and developers.


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  • .com

Target Audience

Hotel owners and property developers. These people are typically very well to do and work with very large brands like Carrier or Daikin. We're initially focusing our efforts on markets around the equator, so South East Asia, the Middle East and the Carribean, as well as niche markets in the US such as Miami. That all said, we want our brand name to be attractive to everyone, including end users of the product.

Creative should NOT use

All for creative names but nothing silly as we're a manufacturer


We want people to be excited and enticed by our name; it would be great if the name could be self-descriptive but that might be a bit difficult to achieve.

Top 3 Things

We're manufacturing a world-changing product, We're saving money and reducing the carbon footprint of air conditioning in the world, we're intent on making the world a better place- in the home and the environment



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