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About Your Company

We are developing an app to understand, train, test and refresh mathematics, from the basics of the 1x1 to high school or even university level of knowledge. We use modern didactic and design principles, artificial intelligence and gamification to ensure a successful learning process which makes fun at the same time. We are looking for a name for this app.


URL required
  • .com

Target Audience

There are 3 types of customers:
A) students, who want to/have to learn mathematics (age 6 to 25)
B) parents who want to support their kids
C) teachers/tutors who recommend the app or use it in their teaching
The priority is B), A) and C) as the B) group is probably the main influencer of a buying decision respectively buying it for their kids.

Creative should NOT use

Nothing which emphasizes „learning“
No descriptive names (e.g. MathLearning)
No Homonyms (Apple, Square)
No Acronyms, Backronyms and Initialism (IBM, SAP, …)
No misspelled or tweaked names (Tumblr, Fiverr, Flickr)


Modern, positive, intelligent, professional, innovative,
fun but not funny

Top 3 Things

1. Should have a connection to mathematics (like the „lingo“ in duolingo has a connection to languages)
2. Should communicate a benefit (like the „duo“ in duolingo)
3. Should be simple (easy to spell), but memorable and unique

Additional Info

1) The exact .com Domain has to be free
2) Should be trademarkable
3) The name should be usable worldwide in all languages (easy to pronounce)
4) Mathematics is written very differently in different languages, e.g. Mathematik, mathematics, matematik, Mathématiques, Matemáticas, Matematica, Matematik, Matematiko (Esperanto). The th in Mathematics is not good for the name.
5) We like suggestive names like Duolingo, Evernote, Dropbox best.
6) It could be a compound name like SalesForce, SnapChat, Facebook, TurboTax. As well a blended or portmanteau name (Microsoft, Instagram, Pinterest). Or an invented, coined or fanciful names (Expedia, Verizon). But we like suggestive Names (6) better.
7) Not too long, 8-10 characters maximum



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