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Reapra launched business operations in 2015, supporting early stage business via venture capital investment.

Having made a combination of minority and majority investments, Reapra is now seeking to build a presence in priority markets with a goal of identifying and onboarding 80 entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia.

In addition to investment, these entrepreneurs will receive additional hands on support via specialised function teams (started with Recruitment support) in each market, as dictated by business needs

Unlike incubators and accelerators, we don’t run a batch program. We simply identify entrepreneurs & market opportunities, and with our own resources we select founders and co-founders within our network and together we define business models and participate in every step of building a new startup, from product development and talent recruitment to fundraising and daily execution.

We guide and mentor our entrepreneurs to fulfill their potential. We are long-term active partners, working hard with our companies to mitigate risks, increase chances of success, and achieve scale.


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When we look at entrepreneurs, we don’t look at degrees
 but anyone with an idea. They can be young and they can be old but the median is 25 to 35. We are Asia based and so are the people we invest in. We are industry agnostic and we are socially minded. We look for people who are resilient, enterprising, ambitious, pragmatic, respectful and able

  • https://www.joinef.com

    While the program is different, EF looks for individuals and looks to support them into building companies

  • http://firstround.com

    They are not a competitor in that we operate in different parts of the world but they certainly have pedigree and a well positioned platform and message.

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Building a better society. Our Venture Builder program seeks to build products and services that are needed by people around the world. We are starting by making a meaningful contribution to society in Asia and then globally. We are looking to advance humankind’s knowledge in the world around us, create leading technologies, build new insights on how to create successful companies and superior business models essential to the times.

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Through Research & Practice, we aim to Build a Better Society by Creating New Industries.... achieving presence in a broad range of industry fields, making a meaningful positive contribution to the society, both socially and economically.



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