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About Your Company

Sustainable, natural, footwear. made by artisans. woman owned small business. Leather product. Very casual and comfortable. want to promote ethical and sustainable practices. want to appeal to young women who enjoy travel, different cultures, unique products.


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Target Audience

My target customer is age 20 to 50. She values quality and style. Sustainability and ethics are important to her. She wants to wear shoes and clothing that is unique. She is a worldly free-thinker and is inspired by nature, art, fashion. She likes to travel, see new cultures, and discover new emerging brands. She shops at Vintage stores, Pop-Up Shops, Reformation, Free People, and she doesn’t like to admit that she occasionally takes Target runs and uses her Amazon Prime membership :)

Creative should NOT use

this name needs to be trademarked, so if there is any similar name on the market or already trademarked I cannot use it. Please make sure to research and not submit any names that are similar or already in use by ANY other company. I want the name to be extremly unique. I DO like potentially adding the words "collaborative" "collective" or "cooperative"

Favorite taglines

"a story behind every pair"


am starting a new brand name for shoes and handbags. My goal is to come up with a name that will feel unique and fresh, but but with a mass-appeal. It turns out, this is a bit difficult as if there are any other brands out in the market using that name already, or even if the name is confusingly similar, we cannot get the name passed through the US patent office. A quick google search can potentially rule out if any other names are in use already.

Top 3 Things

sustainable, natural, wanderlust

Additional Info

About the Brand:
it is owned and operated by a female entrepreneur. After a decade in the mass-market footwear industry, seeing the destruction caused to mother nature by the shoe-manufacturing process and unethical business tactics, she decided to make a drastic change in her career . By thinking outside the box, focusing on creating unique styles, finding diversity in manufacturing, and promoting ethical and sustainable practices, she hopes to enlighten the consumer with the “story behind each pair”.
Everything from the collection is handcrafted, targeting the eco-conscious consumer who appreciates quality. We use small-batch, sustainable manufacturing processes, and do not use large machinery to produce our shoes.
Recycled materials are used whenever possible, including our boxes and hangtags. On our most recent round of production we have decided to skip the box altogether, reducing not only the paper waste but creating a smaller shipping container, in turn, cutting back on our carbon footprint by about 50%.
Our leather is vegetable tanned, which reduces the amount of chemicals being used. This process may result in unique color variations, making each style one-of-a-kind. The leather will get more supple and vintage looking with each wear.
Many of the artisans that create these unique woven sandals are small business women located in rural villages in India. These women are provided micro-loans which deliver economic empowerment to women whom would not normally be allowed to work, given the social structure of their home life. Through these opportunities, the women are able to form communities, share stories, learn from each-other and reduce inequality within their homes and culture.
the brand supports female entrepreneurship, small businesses and local artists.



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