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Financial Services

About Your Company

We're developing a newsletter focused on the future of/new trends in finance and banking (it will focus on digital finance, but want to avoid term "fintech"). The target audience will be leaders in the financial industry, providing them with insights into the latest developments/innovation in the industry. We'd also like to at some point develop an annual industry conference, but are starting with the newsletter, so it would be good to have branding extension opportunities/flexibility to leverage for a conference. The newsletter team is based in Germany, but the audience will be global, so we don't mind leveraging cool German words that are understood globally.


URL required
  • .com

Target Audience

Financial/banking industry executives/leaders seeking insights, insider track on industry and new developments. Living in major cosmopolitan finance-hub cities (London, New York, SF, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Singapore, etc.). Predominantly male; aged 35+; university-educated, often with a Masters or Doctorate; high-income ($150k+). Interested in winning, economic trends, luxury, getting an edge on the competition, being informed, and being networked.

Creative should NOT use

Don't use cliche buzzwords, e.g.: fintech, blockchain, bitcoin. Wouldn't mind the clever use of finance terms. Want to convey something like "future of finance," cutting edge, insights, forward-thinking, etc., without being too literal. We don't mind a little bit of an edge and cool, showing that we're different, not as stuffy as the WSJ, but it still has to appeal to a finance crowd and be taken seriously.


Forward-thinking, insightful, creative, the best, different, well-connected, fresh perspective, new kid on the block as a strength rather than liability.

Top 3 Things

Insightful, Innovative, Cool

Additional Info

Should probably avoid using "money" since the top two competitors have money in their name. We want to be cool but taken seriously. Would also be great to be able to leverage a core name for multiple properties--e.g., we're starting with a newsletter/blog, but would be good to also be able to use it for a conference, podcasts, magazines, etc.



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