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Software & Technology

About Your Company

We are a musictech company, developer of the MashrooM Music Engine - a streaming server that mixes seamless flow of infinite music automatically. We plan to market a new product: a smart bracelet for runners that has three important features:
1. A personal trainer: monitors heart rate and suggests pace
2. A built in DJ: moves you with the best music adjusted to your pace, powered by the MashrooM Music Engine
3. A bodyguard: a button that sends alarm message and geo location in case of emergency
Target audience: runners, joggers, gym addicted guys and girls, anyone living an active lifestyle and doing cardio outdoor or indoor.


Target Audience

Young, active people, attracted to gears and gadgets. Those, running or doing any cardio outdoor regularly, Since you can not run with a Personal Trainer, a DJ and a Body Guard, and most probably, you run alone, our gear is the perfect running buddy for you. Please note, that we want to raise money by crowdfunding so active Kickstarter / Indiegogo backers are to be attracted.

  • http://rockmyrun.com/

    Sport tracking app that motivates with intelligent music tailored to your needs

  • Beside RockMyRun, most of the smart watches, smart bracelets with sport tracking features are considered as competition.

Creative should NOT use

It is not a gadget, not a toy. Innovative product built on a smart technology.


We want something that is sexy and cool, simple yet smart. The technology behind our product is top notch.

Top 3 Things

Innovative. Multifunctional (DJ, PT, BG), Smart

Additional Info

The market of smart watches and sport bracelets is very competitive. Standing out requires smart functionality seamless design and a lot of creativity. We target the early adopters of the runners - those who wear the latest gear and require the best of all equipment (training, nutrition etc.) to reach their personal fitness goal. We want to equip the superheroes of the tracks.



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