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Men's testosterone levels in their body naturally decline as we age. around the age of 38 and older men's testosterone levels drop enough to create symptoms and allows the aging process and disease to start. We provide Testosterone replacement with weekly injections to ofset the aging process, symptoms of low testosterone and heart disease development. Blood levels are "optimised" (High Normal Levels) not abused with excessive high levels like body builders engage in.


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Target Audience

Men age 38 and older with average income of $80,000, married with kids. All professions. College educated. Preferably reasonably good health to mildly obese, not already sick with disease.

Creative should NOT use

name conveying energetic, athletic, youth inspiring, masculine with "sexual potency",

Favorite taglines

We keep it simple. We keep it safe.
I feel like myself again
Aging doesnt mean you have to get old
Low testosterone treatment can help you regain your youth and vitality


Confidence, the leader in a new emerging medical specialty "Hormone Restoration"
Elite but affordable services,
Balance of health and regaining masculinity and vitality

Top 3 Things

1. Restoration of naturally declining Testosterone to get rid of side effects of low testosterone and regain vitality back and prevent the aging diease process (obesity, diabetes and heart disease)
2. Regain fitness with hormonally induced Weight loss with a gain of muscles
3. Regaining their vitality, energy and return of sexual function/performance

Additional Info

See current web site and competitors websites for a variety of information.



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