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Cosmetics & Beauty

About Your Company

always natural, vegan and cruelty free. airbrush makeup is our core product. but we are also developing additonal skincare products as well. all ages as the makeup foundation can be used for younger skin as well as older women as well. price point is high.


Current Website
Target Audience

natural, vegan, cruelty free. all ages. our brand is about a beachy lifestyle a little sexy with color, but high-end. our motto is "always be wild, beautiful and free, just like the sea." we live in beautiful laguna beach and want this to be a big part of our brand/name....along with conveying "airbrush makeup" in our name somehow. bold, bright and colorful packaging keeping with our current color pallet, but we can pump it up visually.

Favorite taglines

we already have our main taglines "always natural, vegan and cruelty free". along with our affirmation motto. "wild beautiful and free just like the sea"


laguna beach, ocean, giving back to help ocean causes, elegant, but a little edgy sexy beach.

Top 3 Things

beach, laguna beach, ocean vibe (natural, vegan, cruelty free), fresh, clean air

Additional Info

you will have everything you need on our website. one major thing to know is that we have the only natural, vegan and cruelty- free free airbrush foundation on the market. patented formula.

We initally had the name Grace Kelly Beauty. But then we switched to Beauty by GK (in order to still have the story of Grace and Kelly), but all our social media is BBGK cosmetics. It's really all over the place and was a hybrid of trying to incorporate the name grace kelly. but we need to get beyond that and create a standalone name that we can use across the board with a website and URL, etc.



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