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Creative Brief

Who are you?

We're Enso CMS and we really don't like our name. It's hard to pronounce, people stare at us with blank faces and we eventually have to spell the name out. Even then, they still have this look of bewilderment. It sucks, so hopefully you can help and pocket a quick $200 bucks.

Besides our name, we're a pretty cool company with a cool content management system that's incredible easy for non-technical folks to use. And better yet, our CMS is super easy for designers with only HTML and CSS skills to implement. One might say our CMS is designer friendly, client friendly and SEO friendly.

What do you need?

The primary problem with our current name is that is has a soft S which makes it really hard to pass along via word of mouth. We want a name that's memorable and can be spelled phonetically and has a domain available.

Who Is Your Audience?

Our primary audience is small business owners and marketing types. Our secondary audience is front-end web designers and developers.


We Like These Examples

We like names that can be spelled phonetically that are 1-2 syllables and super memorable. We do not like names that are web 2.0 like Flickr. A good example would be Mint, we like the simplicity but of course realize we don't have $180k to spend on a domain. We're cool with a non-sensical make believe word as long as you can phonetically spell it, it's easy to remember and pass along via word of mouth.

We Absolutely Must Have

The name must not have a domain that is in use by a working company.



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