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Food & Beverage

About Your Company

We are the first black owned brewery in Michigan. We will be brewing beer and having a restaurant that serves Cajun food. We are creating history by being the first black owned Brewey. We are from Grand Rapids Michigan which is Beer City USA. We want to create opportunities for a community that is not involved in the craft beer industry. There are 3 partners. We are going to be in a neighborhood in the inner city. We are looking for something that speaks to the culture and still invites other cultures. We are proud to be black owned, but don’t want to be black only. We want to create an inclusive environment that welcomes all.


URL required
  • .com

Target Audience

Craft Beer industry
24-35 year old.
African Americans
West Michigan
Grand Rapids
Inner City
Relegious area (Christian)
Mix of blue and white collar
All genders

Creative should NOT use

We want something meaningful to a community and that reaches the culture of African American, but not intimidating to other culture. We don’t mind history or a different language with a good meaning that speaks to culture, pride or opportunity.

Favorite taglines

Brew the change you want to see.
Brewing in the heart with the city at heart
We got this
We on now we don’t care about next.


We are trying to be thought provoking
We want to be inspirational
We want to create a sense of pride in the community.
Highlight the black culture
Fit in with the brewing community in GR, but have an identity
We are first so we are history in Michigan.
We want so be able to take our brand national

Top 3 Things

Royal strength and pride in culture
Inclusive and real

Additional Info

Kings inspire us
Pride inspire us
Black culture inspire us
Togetherness inspire us
Africa inspire us
Hip hop inspire us
Good beer inspire us
Changing a culture inspire us
Community inspire us
Family inspire us



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