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Real Estate & Construction

About Your Company

We raise capital through Family Office & professional investors. We put that capital to work building & renovating residential real estate in the prime & super prime market. Our name has to be just as powerful in a boardroom when asking for a £50m investment as it is sophisticated, luxurious & timelessly stylish when we're handing over the keys to a house that has just set a new benchmark.


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Target Audience

We have two audiences. One when we're raising capital and one when we're marketing a finished property. When we're raising capital we're dealing with professional investors (hedge funds/family offices). When we're marketing the finished projects, we need a powerful brand name that will be synonymous with luxury & style. The name has to appeal to both audiences. In both cases we're dealing at the top end of the market. Highly sophisticated & dicerning individuals, usually extrememly wealthy or controlling the wealth of the extremely wealthy.

Creative should NOT use

I don't want anything literal or obvious. Abstract names are preferred, like those I list as my competitors (Finchatton for example). The name has to exude class without sounding naff or old fashioned, so obvious words associated with luxury are out (Regal, elegant, etc, etc). The name has to work as well with 'Capital' on the end ('Xyz Capital') as it does standing alone ('Xyz'). I don't want plays on words. It must be professional, not fun.

Favorite taglines

it wont have a tag line. It needs to be powerful enough to stand alone.


Powerful corporate name that also sounds like a luxury brand.

Top 3 Things

Class. Style. Power.



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