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Health Care & Biotech

About Your Company

We have 2 companies that are looking to merge, and create one company, with of course a "new name".
ChartFill (ChartFill.com) and Patient iP (Patientip.com). ChartFill is focused on patient record aggregation/collection, with cutting edge technology. The technology platform provides the customers not only with the much needed and hard to access patient's records, but most importantly with advanced analytics, AI and NLP around decision support, clinical trial matching, pulling out key indicators for specific health conditions that are important to the doctor etc...
Patient iP is a technology platform that automates the identification of patients for clinical trials, provides clinical trial protocol modeling and optimization. Ability to design the right clinical trials, with the right inclusion and exclusion criteria, starting with the patients first (their profiles to build the best trials, which is the first time this market is approaching it this way).
Both companies are first-to-market innovations. Their markets are the pharmacuitical, biotech and CRO's; plus larger medical centers.


Current Website
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Target Audience

Clinical trial industry executives (pharma, biotech, CRO), senior executives; very educated, focused on professionalizm (clinical trials are very heavily regulated)

Creative should NOT use

Needs to be professional, build confidience

Favorite taglines

Patients matter and deserve opportunities, streamlining clinical trials for the patient, patient experience company, patients first, optimizing clincial research


Data driven approach to clinical trials, starting with the Patient first (or Patient in mind first)

Top 3 Things

healthcare - confidence - patient centric/focused

Additional Info

There are patients (sick individuals) every day that count on both our companies; so we are combining them to make one very powerful impactful company that will help these people finds treatments and hopefully cures to their diseases. We "MUST" work hard and be focused on success to ensure they (the patients) can have hope to get well. We are the only companies really focused on "starting" with the "patient" for clinical trials, so many trials today are personalized medicine (meaning patient type specific), so for trials to be successful today, the patient is the first key metric that needs to be looked at, which means the patient's clinical information is needed to derive intelligance to make decisions and provide them the right clinical trial



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