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Cosmetics & Beauty

About Your Company

I manufacture and sell hair cosmetics and a hairstyling tools target audience is women from 30 to 60


Current Website
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  • .co

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Target Audience

they live in Western Canada or on the West Coast of the United States they have disposable income I would consider them middle class and I class they are into fitness yoga health fashion innovations in skincare and hair care they are teachers nurses executives business owners self-employed

  • Aveda. Kevin Murphy Bex hot tools . wet brush co

    They make and sell shampoos and styling tools

Creative should NOT use

I like funny. To a point. A brand launched in 2004 was Perugia. But cannot use this as partnership collapsed. It was a brand of product as well as a retail store. I can send you the branding story

Favorite taglines

Perugia. Sharing the secrets of beauty with the rest of the world


Innovation mystery.

Top 3 Things

Passion Innovation. Fun. Empowerment.

Additional Info

I will send you the branding story created for the Perugia brand of 2004



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