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We are targeting outdoor loving people who are willing to spend a little more for quality equipment. 25+ educated professionals who are passionate about the great outdoors. These people take their hobbies seriously.


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Target Audience

Unisex, 25+, initial focus is USA however eventually worldwide, disposable income, professionals, all industries, outdoors focussed, camping/fishing/hiking/skiing/etc, value quality and innovation.

Creative should NOT use

We don't want to point writers in a particular direction. We would like to see all ideas that are suitable for premium products. We like humour however this is not an essential element. Funny is good, silly is not. Certainly nothing suggesting cheap, tacky, gaudy.

Favorite taglines

"Just do it" "A diamond is forever" " I think, therefore" "It's not just TV, it's HBO"


We want to come across as making quality equipment you can rely on, with strength, durability, and be considered a trustworthy brand. The quality of the product speaks for itself without needing to be ostentatious, think Audi over say Mercedes.

Top 3 Things

We are an outdoors/adventure company
Our equipment is innovative
Quality. Period.

Additional Info

Please be creative, we would love to see ideas from outside the box.



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