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Business Info

What does your company do?

Since 2009 there has been a quarterly event named Opera Grows in Brooklyn. This is a joint venture between Opera on Tap (OOT) and American Opera Projects (AOP). The event is evolving and growing and this year it is moving to a yearly highly produced event that is now seeking a new name and a new logo.

Its mission is expose new audiences to Opera presenting it as a viable and vibrant living art form that is relevant to todays world. Also the event seeks to present Brooklyn as a cultural breeding ground for the art form.

Do you require that a .COM or other URL be available for the new name?


Target Audience

What is your industry?

performing arts/ opera

Describe your customers

Our primary target is the Cultural Ambassador

Weve named her Jane. Jane is our target. We need to get Jane in the front door and bring her friends and then talk about it after she leaves.

Meet Jane: (ADD IN EDITS)
- She is 32, professional in a creative industry/ supports creative industries
- Shes single
- A leader with great ideas
- Has money; makes it but also likely has some in the bank
- Lives in Noho/ Nolita considering buying in Williamsburg
- Keeps open reservations across multiple hot restaurants; has a few old standbys but is always hunting for whats hot
- Friends and acquaintances ALWAYS turn to them for whats cool
- She is expressive with her opinions and ideas
- Shes one of the minority who actually comment online (e.g., not necessarily just content creator, but maybe a commenter)
- Shes definitely has a twitter following
- Shell throw a dinner party
- Her style POV
o Not necessarily a fashionista, but not a conservative dresser
o Trendy but not a hipster
- Her relationship to music and the arts
o May or may not have gone to Lincoln Center; not at all what defines them
o Has a couple regular mainstays like season tickets to BAM and NYC Ballet, but doesnt use all the tickets will gladly give them away at times to further support her overall identity.
o Shes into music in general. Not just pop.
o Opera and classical music is not core to repertoire
- Educated
- Always looking for something different the new thing; but not just about image seeks quality and substance; not new for sake of new. Does want to incorporate more/different mainstays in her repertoire.
- Has a hobby or interest that shes committed to maybe more than one (e.g., Yoga and a new language)
- Doesnt like being home more than 2 nights a week
- Is soulful

Secondary audience members are those not to alienate, are important, but not our core audience to speak to with our hook or communication platform. These include:
- Donors
- Opera enthusiasts
- Cultural experimenters
Our primary target is the Cultural Ambassador

What 3 things do you want your company name to communicate to your customers?

Statement deconstructed:

A cultural event that is a surprising night out with both style and substance
Category context definition descriptors

at which a cultural ambassador (and friends) can have a range of experiences
target benefit

from intellectual to social to emotional to atmospheric.

Unique Brand Essence

- Surprising
- Social
- Swanky with substance

Its surprisingly:
- interesting
- fun
- sexy
- immersive
- alternative
- innovative
Much of this is true because its not what youd expect from Opera

its social because:
- you can interact with friends
- you can interact with artists
- you can network with patrons of the arts
- you can pick someone up/ get picked up
- it is relaxed enough for you to be able to talk about your experience as it happens
- it is alcohol lubricated
- you can see and be seen

its swanky with substance meaning:
- environment is modern and artistic
- atmospheric
- romantically lit
- has good flow and the space allows you to move around during the event (i.e., go to the bar, sit at a table, take in the view from the balcony.)
- the performers are highly skilled
- the program is thoughtfully curated
- big voices and lots of emotion
- Opera is a timeless art form/ craft
- You can learn about something new, if youre in the mood to learn
- Can inspire you to explore classical music with a different lens
o Can spark interest in Opera

List the names of your top three competitors

MATA festival
Ecstatic Music Festival
Opera Moderne

Style and Concept

What character, tenor, or spirit do you wish to convey?

A cultural event that is a surprising night out with both style and substance at which a cultural ambassador can have a range of experiences from intellectual to social to emotional to atmospheric.
o The event is a presentation of a series of Opera snippets that are fully produced (i.e., staged, costumed, practiced, etc.).
o The focus is contemporary classical music with living composers (i.e., Phillip Glass, David Lang, Laurie Anderson, John Zorn).

Are there any words or phrases you especially like or hate?

Look and Feel Parameters
Conceptually speaking, creative ideas should not be too
- clever
- serious
- abstract
- insider-y
- trendy
- self-important
- conceptual/metaphorical
- stuffy
- serious
- kitchy
- humorous
- flagrantly sexy

It should look and feel
- fun
- real
- artistic
- approachable and welcoming
- should walk the line between sexy and sophisticated and not too far in either direction; but represent both
- intriguing
- modern
- bold

Draw inspiration from brands such as
- Galapagos Art Space
- Poisson Rouge
- Brooklyn Museum
- Stella McCartney

Dont draw inspiration from brands such as
- the MET
- City Opera
- Any old school luxury brand

Do you have other info you want to share?

Creative Challenge:
Break through the NYC event clutter to help the cultural ambassadors know that this is the event to try.

Primary hook is a new and different experience within the realm of NYC Culture.
o Opera is a secondary audience has to be open to it, but more important is being tapped into the emerging event circuit.

Once they are in the front door, communications within the event and directly following should shift to an eye opening and educational conversation about Opera as a genre.



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