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New startup biz offering GPS tracking devices & monitoring services to multiple audiences (government vehicles/equipment, service companies, people (elderly & teenage drivers), pets).


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Target Audience

Multiple audiences: 1) local government (county/city) - middle/upper age blue collar workers, mostly male dominated construction environment; 2) service businesses (e.g. heating/air, maintenance) - owners who want to know where their workers are; 3) people (elderly) - concerned for those who might tend to get lost; 4) people (teen drivers) - parents who want to know their kids locations & their driving patterns; 5) pets - people who want to be able to locate family pets if they go missing

Favorite taglines

nike-just do it
american express-never leave home without it
burger king - have it your way


simple yet trusted technology & customer service;
we have existing government customers who want us to develop this GPS service because they don't like dealing with the other guys due to lack of customer service;
being a family oriented business we want people to be able to track loved ones (older parents, teenagers) & their family pets.

Top 3 Things

Trust; Relationship; Safety

Additional Info

For some reason, we keep revolving around the idea of "tracked from above or the sky" and words that have similar meanings like "astro-indago". However, we want the product name to be easy to say & catchy (e.g. ribbit).



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