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Creative Brief

Who are you?

We make convenient and delicious recipe kits for eating healthier at home. Using only the highest quality natural ingredients paired with items from your local market, our chef-inspired recipes pack great nutrition and are guaranteed to be delicious. Each recipe is made fresh by you, but without the hassle of chopping, measuring, and seasoning. Inside each box youll find simple pouches to open and mix with an ingredient or two from your fridge. Its home cookingmade easy! Our company was started by a dad whose busy lifestyle as a technology company executive led him to unhealthy eating, an extra 40 pounds, pre-diabetes and high cholesterol. After "failing" a life insurance exam, and with a new baby at home, he finally decided to do something about it and began to clean up his diet. Seeing his own dramatic personal improvements, he set out to help others eat better by removing the biggest barrier: the lack of time to cook at home.

To see more about our company and products, check out http://www.thehealthypantry.com

Our current tagline is "Home Cooking-- Made Easy!"

Our product line for the re-launch will consistent of the following:
- Cowboy Chili with Blue Cornbread
- Skillet Lasagna
- Asian Turkey Burgers
- Cranberry Wild Rice Turkey Salad / Stew
- Southwestern Tamale Pie
- Dal
- Ma's Sloppy Joe's with Apple Baked Beans
- New Orleans Jambalaya
- Bangkok Beef
- Punjabi Chicken Curry

Here are some things that consumers feel about our product line:
Food you can feel good about serving
Convenient dinners
Eliminates decision of what to make
Eliminates dinner rotation mentality
Puts it all togetherno more cupboard full of spices used once, etc.
Home cooked
Makes meal planning easier
Not wasteful
Perfectly portioned
Replacement for eating out; easy high-quality but retain control over ingredients
Complete mealjust add meat (or other protein) and veggies!
Healthy/economical way to feed others/yourself
Anyone can be a chef/homemaker/caretaker

We have a chef (Tony or Anthony) whose name could be used.

Our founders kids' names are Eli / Elijah, Cully / Cullen, or Gabe / Gabriel and their names could be used.

Our company is located in the Rocky Mountain West region of the U.S. We're headquarted in a small mountain town called Red Lodge that sits at the foot of the Beartooth Mountains.

What do you need?

A terrific new name for this product line and company to launch nationally!

We prefer names that aren't literal (unlike our current name, The Healthy Pantry), and that "feel like" what we are rather than explicitly state it. For example, "10 Minute Meals" doesn't do it for us, but the name of a person or place or animal or thing that sounds warm and denotes quick and/or comfortable and/or delicious would be great.

Key attributes of our product that might help:
- They can be made in a single skillet
- They enable simple and fast cooking at home
- They taste delicious
- They are creative variations on "comfort food" dinners
- They can be prepared in less than 10 minutes of time and be on the table in under 30 minutes

Who Is Your Audience?

2/3 of our customers are busy moms and dads with 2 or more kids at home and who either don't have time or like to cook and who want to eat healthier.

1/3 of our customers are "empty nesters" / couples who enjoy the freedom that comes from having most of the "prep" work done for them.

All of our customers care at least a little bit about eating healthier, but they're not the "die hard" health-food "nuts".

Our products are currently in grocery stores and this will be the primary distribution channel. Within a grocery store, we can be found in the following locations:
- Next to the Macaroni and Cheese and Hamburger Helper
- In the Natural Foods section
- Next to the meat counter, since we pair with things like ground turkey


We Like These Examples

We like names such as:
- Annie's Homegrown
- Compleats
- Sticky Fingers Bakeries
- Casbah
- Fantastic World Foods
- Chilli Man
- Boulder Canyon
- Garden of Eatin'
- Kettle Foods

"Made-up" names are ok, too.

We Absolutely Must Have

We'll need an associated .com name and an ability to protect this with a federal trademark.



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