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About Your Company

I am an attorney who is working on starting my very first law firm. I want to focus my practice on intellectual property issues (trademark, copyright, and trade secrets, but not patents as I have not taken the patent bar). Specifically, my first priority, once I start, will be filing trademark applications. Second, I will focus on copyright filings. The trademark and copyright applications will be flat rate options for my clients. Lastly, I would also like to offer intellectual property protection advising for companies and creatives (startups and established businesses). This would include trademark, copyright, and trade secret advising on how to protect this intellectual property, now, and in the future. This last-mentioned aspect of my firm would not be billed at a flat rate but would be more case by case. I mention this because I can imagine that the majority of my clients will find me because they want a trademark or copyright filed, and, on a more rare basis, I will have clients seeking more in-depth intellectual property legal services.

The name of my law firm will be extremely important for advertising and getting new clients. I plan to start a youtube channel where I will offer free legal tips and stories and I anticipate this attracting a lot of clients to my website. Thus, the name of my law firm needs to be very memorable and very search engine optimization (SEO) friendly. If someone is searching for a trademark/copyright attorney to register a trademark/copyright, I want to be easily found and not have some disconnected name that is hard to search for.

My audience will be creatives who want to protect their intellectual property and business owners who want to protect their intellectual property.

I should also mention that my law firm will be completely virtual. I will not have a physical office. I am trying to further the next generation of lawyers and help to break the mold of traditional lawyering. I want my website and my brand to be progressive, visually appealing, and different. I want to stand out from the sea of lawyers and traditional law firms, but keep my trustworthiness and prestige intact. As I do want to focus on intellectual property issues, just like the advising, I will also provide an option to provide further legal services like help with drafting partnership agreements and other things that I may agree to on a case by case basis, but they will not be the foundation of my practice.


Target Audience

Since intellectual property is governed by federal law, my audience will not be State specific. In fact, I want to have a large presence throughout the United States. I would not like to be limited to a reputation in just one State. Age and gender is not something I could narrow down at this point, other than I am targeting people over the age of 25 who can afford legal services and want to pay the money to properly protect any intellectual property they may own. My audience will likely be business owners and creatives who are generating intellectual property. The values of my audience will include those who value security and knowing they are protected from people trying to steal their intellectual property or infringe on it. The education level of my audience will be measured by the basic understanding that they have created intellectual property and, at some point, they should protect it. My audience will appreciate the value of taking the proper steps and investing the money now to protect their intellectual property.

  • https://www.trademarkia.com/

    Trademarkia offers free trademark searches and offers the option to file your trademark cheaply.

  • https://www.legalzoom.com/business/intel...

    Legalzooms helps you cheaply file for intellectual property protection. However, they may not provide the personal attention and customer service I could provide.

  • https://www.rocketlawyer.com/

    Rocketlawyer is similar to legalzoom in that they help you cheaply and easily incorporate your business or file for trademark and copyright protection.

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I'm open to all ideas.


Professional and world class, but innovative and cutting-edge. I want to stand out from the sea of lawyers and traditional law firms, but keep my trustworthiness and prestige intact.

Top 3 Things

Avant-garde, Valuable, Reputable

Additional Info

At first, I would like to represent and work for anyone who has intellectual property that they would like protected. However, possibly in the future, as I become more selective with my clients, I would like to build a reputation as an attorney who understands, and advocates for, artists and the arts. This may or may not play into naming my firm at the present time. The most important thing is finding a name that resonates with everything I touched on earlier.



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