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About Your Company

Every person, organisation and business that looks to improve their impact on themselves, others and the planet. The iOS app will be a daily companion by helping individuals assess their current behaviours and find a way towards a life that has a more positive internal and external effects.

The business will be founded as a B Corp (using business as a force for good: https://www.bcorporation.net/b-the-chang... to positively influence not only users, but employees, providers, communities, share- and other stakeholders.

Early adopters might be "productivity junkies" who have rigorous routines in their lifes that they constantly seek to optimize in order to develop personally and lead a healthier lifestyle.


URL required
  • .com

Target Audience

iOS users; no particular focus on gender, age, location, nor income, however likely to resonate more with people interested in self-development, productivity, education, management, non-profit and sustainability.

  • https://thefabulous.co

    This is one of many apps that seeks to improve habits and lives. These apps tend to neglect the impact that these habits are having.

  • http://productiveapp.io

    This is the top grossing iOS habit tracker app in the US. A very basic app that neglects the impact.

  • https://gyrosco.pe

    Gyroscope (and the annual report) is a great visualizer of our digital lifes. However many habits cannot be captured and their impact is totally missing.

Favorite taglines

Dream Forward (Community Wealth Partners)
B the Change (B Corp)
B a Better Business (B Corp)
Just. Better. (Ethical Bean)
Be all you can Be (US military)
Think different (Apple)
The future's bright. The future's Orange. (Orange)
Put a tiger in your tank (Esso)
If you want to get ahead, get a hat (Hat council)
Have a break. Have a Kit Kat. (Rowntree)
A diamond is forever (DeBeers)


Sincere. Caring. Authentic. Flexible. Inclusive.

Top 3 Things

Health, Impact, Action

Additional Info

The goal of the app/platform is for an individual to lead a healthier life and improve their impact on the world (internalising external effects). Users and third parties can offer ways in which to improve, the app/platform will allow the crowd the vet these and show scientific underpinning (or lack thereof). Visualisation of habits and impact will allow a user to better develop and take control of a personal narrative.



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