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About Your Company

We're a simple, elegant and contemporary brand that creates beautiful, trendy and timeless jewelry. We are at the meeting point between high-end and low-end, offering good quality but at an affordable price point. Our target market are millenial women from metropolitan areas in North America who want the experience of a high-end brand without the associated price tag. They have an interest in being fashionable, but don't go out of their way to research and prefer timeless elegance over trendy and flavor-of-the-month designs. The products we create are women's necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and watches. The goal is to eventually expand into all fashion accessories (sunglasses, bags and maybe shoes) and possibly beauty and fragrance as well.


URL required
  • .com

Target Audience

Professional, millenial women (22-37 years old), living in metropolitan areas in North America. Their average income is between $40K and $60K per year. They have a basic interest in fashion and beauty, but don't go out of their way to research, or find new brands to shop. They spend about $100 per year on jewlery, and want a good balance of quality and quantity (they want to buy new items, but also don't want to waste their money on jewlery that will tarnish or discolor over time). They want fashion to be easy and accessible.

  • https://shopshashi.com

    Simple, elegant and affordable, high quality feel. They describe themselves as a "Global jewelry redefined in a modern collection that celebrates the world and true individuality.".

Creative should NOT use

Don't want any plays on words. I like the idea of using Italian or French words because I'm of both Italian and French decent and speak those languages. I don't want anything that shows a connotation to "shiny" or "sparkly". I'm open to an abstract name that's not obviously understandable. I'm not a fan or merging two words together to create a new one. It must be easy to pronounce in english.

Favorite taglines

Because You're Worth It
A style for every story.
True style never dies.


Confident and self-assured, but friendly and approachable. Interesting, yet serious. Educated.

Top 3 Things

Accessible, elegant and good quality



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