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Business Info

What does your company do?

We are an e-commerce store for B2B commodities. We span multiple verticals including offices, education, healthcare, retail/restaurant, hospitality, institutional buyers, and religious groups. We supply everything from paper towels to full office systems/cubicles.

Do you require that a .COM or other URL be available for the new name?

Yes, we require that the .com domain name for the company name be available without any funny spellings or abbreviations used.

Target Audience

What is your industry?

E-commerce B2B wayfarer of commodities

Describe your customers

We sell to managers/buyers in offices, education, healthcare, retail/restaurant, hospitality, institutions, religious groups. The people organizing the orders are likely office managers or purchasing dept workers in small to medium size businesses. Sometimes, their order may require executive or managerial approval before being submitted to us.

What 3 things do you want your company name to communicate to your customers?

trusted, quality, experienced, helpful

List the names of your top three competitors

We have many, however, specific to schools/education, we compete with schooloutfitters.com

Style and Concept

What character, tenor, or spirit do you wish to convey?

That we are branded, trusted, quality, experienced, and helpful. We don't want a premium/exclusive name as our customers will not associate with it. We want to be their "partner" or peer able to provide all the things they need.

Are there any words or phrases you especially like or hate?

We like words like: your, smart, source, supply, all, easy, simple, quick
We dislike words like: A1, best, premium, (any location based name :ie New York), star, diamond, etc names which don't speak to the brand, audience or products. We do not want to be another "yellow page listing" which only has subtle variation from its neighbor.

Do you have other info you want to share?

Name must be simple to remember, say, and recall from memory. Plays on words and purposeful misspellings will not gain acceptance with the customer. Short and sweet and easy to recall and re-type is key.



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