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The company is a mobile app development company focused on developing products in the education, healthcare and financial services industries. The target audience for this particular product is working parents with young children that need help coordinating childcare, arranging activities for their childreen and finding convenient transportation options for their kids.


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Target Audience

Working parents with young children (aged 3 - 10) that need help with coordinating childcare, arranging activities and finding convenient transportation for their kids. These parents will likely have higher than average income and live in higher net worth urban and suburban areas that have well-ranked public and private schools.

Favorite taglines

Belong anywhere (Airbnb), Just Do It (Nike), Think Different (Apple), Live Life Fluently (Rosetta Stone)


I'd like the tone to be whimsical and fun, but still convey safety, security and peace of mind for parents. But, overall the name should be somewhat lighthearted, but convey that this is a product for parents with young kids.

Top 3 Things

(1) Convenience for parents (gives them time back to do other things while keeping their kids engaged and to get help with childcare and transportation when needed) (2) Safety and security of kids (i.e. trustworthy and reliable) (3) Makes it easier for parents to find an abundance of activities for their kids

Additional Info

I have tentatively been using the name "Parent Circle" because in addition to the practical features, this is envisioned as a community for parents with kids in the same neighborhood or at the same school so that they can help and support each other. But, I want something a bit more catchy than that.



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