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Creative Brief

Who are you?

About ARK:
Absolute Return for Kids (ARK) is a UK-based international charity whose purpose is to transform childrens lives
Since it was set up eight years ago, ARK has transformed the lives of over 153,000 children through programmes in Health (in Sub-Saharan Africa), Education (in the UK and India) and Child Protection (in Eastern Europe)
ARK has developed a strong results-driven model to identify, create and deliver innovative programmes that are transformative, scalable and sustainable
Further information is available from www.arkonline.org

About ARKs Economic Development programme:
Our goal is to transform the lives of poor children in Africa (initially East Africa) by sustainably improving their economic status, and therefore their health, education and security
To achieve this ARK will create a fund that sustainably lifts over 100,000 children and their communities out of poverty over 10-12 years, by investing in growing businesses that would struggle to raise money elsewhere
The programme will deliver child impact predominantly through increased household income (where businesses create jobs for caregivers or purchase supplies from them) and / or by increasing the availability of affordable child-friendly products and services (e.g. nursery care, nutritious food)
As an example, we might invest in a dairy co-operative that sources milk from small farmers and sells it on the wholesale market; our investment would allow it to expand and raise incomes for more small farmers, which in turn would benefit the farmers children

What do you need?

Our economic development fund needs a name that communicates its dual function: social benefits and for-profit investment in small, growing businesses. So the name must sound professional but with a strong emphasis on child-impact. This approach to economic development is relatively new, but there are already some similar funds and we need a memorable name to distinguish our fund (see below for names of other funds).

Who Is Your Audience?

The name needs to appeal particularly to hedge-fund managers, who make up the bulk of ARKs donors and are likely to provide the initial capital for the fund. Ultimately, well look to raise capital from mainstream investors, so it should make sense to them, too. Well be looking to build a brand among African entrepreneurs, and the name will be an important part of that. It will also need to appeal to the venture philanthropy community, and to the charity world in general.


We Like These Examples

Some comparable funds have descriptive names, such as Acumen Fund, GroFin and Small Enterprise Investment Fund. Others have decorative names, such as Jacana Capital (a kind of bird), Springhill Equity Partners and Makeda Fund (the Ethiopian name for the Queen of Sheba). Either kind of name would be suitable. A few funds are named after their founders, which isnt suitable in our case.

We Absolutely Must Have

The name must include ARK. It should make it clear that this programme is distinct from ARKs traditional charitable activities (since our investors expect to get their money back with a profit, instead of simply providing a grant).



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