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Business Info

Business Name

We are a travel organization for college students in the US and Canada. We still need a name :)

What do you do?

We are a US organization that offers meaningful international travel experiences specifically for college students. Our mission is to expose students to realities different from the ones they know and to develop a community of students across college campuses that are passionate about this idea of increasing international exposure. Our international travel experiences, which run during winter, spring, and summer break, range from 1-4 weeks long, and they include a meaningful volunteer component that allow students to make a real difference in the local communities they visit. The focus of the trip is always on showing the country as it really is- in an authentic and unfiltered way. Students will interact with the destination, its culture, its people, and its natural beauty; and they will always travel with an open mind. Travel opportunities focus on exposing students to destinations that are off the beaten path, such as Latin America, India, Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and the South Pacific.

Target Audience

What is your industry?

International Travel for University Students

Describe your audience

Our audience is 100% college students who attend schools in the US and Canada. They are mostly female (68%), but we have male participants as well (32%). Most of our participants are from the northeast US and attend small, wealthy, liberal arts schools.

Our audience also consists of university administrators and professors, who organize travel opportunities for their students, as well as parents, who usually pay for their son or daughter's experience and thus evaluate the experience using their own criteria, especially safety.

What are the top 3 things you would like to communicate to your audience?

The name must be very easy to remember, and easy to spell.

In addition, the name should provide insight into what we offer as an organization: we promote exposure, and we broaden people's horizons and intercultural understanding through meaningful international travel.

While the name should embody these ideas, it should not be cliche and sound like the descriptive names of hundreds of other organizations that do similar work ("global horizons," "cross-culture" "global service corps", "united planet" etc.)

Our name must be extremely creative in order to set us apart from the rest of the industry. College students get inundated with ads everyday so we need to rise above the noise and immediately stand out from the other organizations. Therefore, our name should not directly include the words "travel", "world", "tour" "volunteer" or anything similar.

The name must be unique. It can be a new, made-up word, a play off of another word in the dictionary or an entirely new combination of words that's memorable.

Please think the following:

Youthful- We are fresh, new and energetic.
Provocative- We are edgy and bold.
Professional- We are well organized and have excellent customer service.
Knowledgeable- We have an intimate understanding of the countries where we work and know the ins-and-outs of everything related to our trips.

Style and Concept

What styles do you like?

Modern, Edgy, Crisp, Poppy, Warm, Grassroots.

What colors do you like or hate?

Like orange, green, dark blue (not royal), black, beige, white. Tones that are very earthy.

Do not like purple (represents royalty).

Any other additional info? (optional)

The new name will eventually appear beneath the logo that is attached, so they should match in their vibes and they should look good together.

Along with a memorable name, we also need a very memorable website domain, so we have a strong preference for a name whose web domain is currently available, or whose domain is for sale.



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