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Project Summary

Name this product: post-surgical breast pads to be used by women who have undergone any kind of breast surgery. These pad are infused with an all-natural & organic ointment that kills over 5X more bacteria than Bactroban (the leading prescription topical antibiotic), Neosporin, Polysporin, or any other antibiotic ointment. It therefore fights infection of the incision sites better than any other product post-surgery. The ointment is only on the inner side of the pad that is in contact with the breast. The other side is waterproof so the ointment doesn't seep through and women can wear the pad(s) under their bra. It's no-mess, easy-to-use, and soothes the incision sites after surgery. The ointment is 3 simple ingredients women will love: oxygenated olive oil, calendula, and lavender essential oil. Each pad can be used for 2 days and then discarded. Most surgeries will require 2 - 3 pads during recovery.

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