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We offer mobile users with a Personal Assistant that helps users and their contacts stay close and mutually accessible over time.


Current Website
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Target Audience

1. Initial target customer:
Male/Female. 18 to 65. US & Europe. Over $35k+ per year income. Owns a smartphone.
White or blue-collar worker. His/her job involves building up and/or managing relationships with numerous friends, partners, customers, suppliers and/or business colleagues.
He/she may work for small and unsophisticated SMEs. He/she is aware that her/his network can be a valuable asset in his/her career.
He/she usually runs short of time. He/she is curious about ways to be more efficient. He/she knows he/she is a perfectionist but he/she would love to be more organized.
He/she may be considering a change in his/her career or maybe planning a big event such as a wedding or special birthday party.
He/she is an extrovert. He/she enjoys meeting people and loves to keep up with friends and business colleagues.
Some friends would say he/she is a bit meticulous. He/she closes the toothpaste cap after using it. He/she likes to order books by theme, size and/or color.
He/she is not overcomplicated and apreciates simplicity
2. Longer term (or derived) target audicence
Basically, everyone with a smartphone.
Male/Female. 18 to 65, or higher. Worldwide.
Trusts friends and business colleagues.

Creative should NOT use

1. Do not use words that may be associated with not trustable, not secured, not private, not reliable, complex...
2. Do not use long names (13 characters max)
3. Do not use complex names that may be difficult to remember worldwide.
4. Watch out words that may have different (negative) meanings in different languages.
5. Avoid obscure words.
6. Watch out acronyms that can give raise to a different meaning.

Favorite taglines

With no specific order:
1. Meow Mix: "Tastes So Good, Cats Ask for It By Name"
2. Verizon: "Can You Hear Me Now? Good."
3. Nike: "Just Do It."
4. L'Oréal Paris: "Because You're Worth It."
5. BMW: "Designed for Driving Pleasure."


Effortless; Trustable; Helpful; Cares about you; Perfectionist; Organized; Respectful; Educated; Sincere; Honest; Positive; Patient

Top 3 Things

Personal Assistant

Additional Info

For smart mobile phone users who care about their own contact details and those of their relationships.
XXX is a non-intrusive/ethical digital personal assistant that helps the user to organise and keep updated with its Contacts.
Unlike traditional contact solutions (i.e. address books; contact management, CRM or networking tools…)
XXX assists the user to automatically maintain and build up its address book by facilitating the exchange of personal details user-to-user. This implies that: (i) XXX does not extract the user's contact details and that of its contacts from the user's device, (ii) XXX facilitates the voluntary update of contact information between the user and its contacts through a safe user-to-user communication channel and (iii) XXX cannot misuse the information and that the user maintains full control of its address book, its own contact details and those of its contacts



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