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Physical Fitness

About Your Company

We are a PERSONAL TRAINING service that provides DAILY exercise, nutrition and wellness guidance via TEXT MESSAGING and video chat. We are a fitness app but what differentiates us from the thousands of other fitness apps on the market is our HUMAN coaching, human accountability and the PERSONALIZATION that we provide. We make following a great exercise, nutrition and wellness routine easy. We provide the kind of high touch coaching that usually costs $95/ hour for $95/ month. Anyone who joins our service and sticks with our program will see PHENOMENAL RESULTS in terms of their appearance, health and how they feel.

Our target customer is out of shape, a bit intimidated by the prospect of working out and eating well but eager to get back in shape. They do not know exactly where to start and struggle to keep to healthy habits without a human coach. They are age 22-60 but skew toward the younger end of that range (we'd like a name that appeals to the full range of 22-60 though). They can be male or female, wanting to lose weight, gain strength or train for a race/ sport. Target population is in the US but we have international clients and want a name that will appeal to English speakers around the world.

Ideas to potentially convey: fitness, human, personalized, results, supportive, confidence, fitness at your fingertips

Names we like in other industries: Stripe, Peloton, Equinox, Wayfair, OpenDoor, StitchFix (ideally something easy to say and clever that gives a sense for what we do and why it is differentiated - ie human)

A few constraints: We will want an available .com, a trademark, as little google search competition as possible, a name that is easy to say and spell.

Thanks for you help in setting up our company for success in our mission to make millions of people healthier, improve and extend lives.


Current Website
URL required
  • .com

Target Audience

Aged 22-60, male or female, global but focused on English speakers, moderate to high income, often busy and ambitious, moderate to high amounts of education, cost conscious but willing to spend for something that will make them look and feel better.

  • future.fit

    Future is an early stage startup doing something similar with remote personal training

  • aaptiv.com

    Don't like their name but going after the same customers to some degree

  • Equinox.com

    Oftentimes, we are competing with brick and mortar gyms that provide in person trainers. Equinox is the most common gym to compete with us.

Creative should NOT use

Don't want to brand as "health" in any way. "Healthy" yes but we are NOT medical or healthcare in any way.

Favorite taglines

Equinox: Commit to something; Nike: Just do it; BMW: The Ultimate Driving Machine


Friendly, supportive, knowledgeable, optimistic, carefree, fun, playful, professional

Top 3 Things

1: You get a human trainer who will support you every day and ensure you will be successful; 2: You will hit your goals bc of this; 3: We are super convenient and fit into your life given that we are always just a text message away

Additional Info

Our clients see phenomenal results: Weight loss clients lose 20 pounds + in the first 3 months on AVERAGE! Strength gain clients double their bench press on AVERAGE. It is almost inevitable if clients join and stick with us.



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