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Software & Technology

About Your Company

Provide a range of email-based tools to help business people be more productive and efficient. For example, forward an email to reminder@[ourname].com to be alerted about it on some future date. Or forward an email to todo@[ourname].com to add the email to a to-do list. Eventually, this could be used to arrange travel and take over many of the traditional tasks of a personal assistant

Target audience is business people, principally those that would like, but can't afford, their own assistant.


URL required
  • .com

Target Audience

Likely to be young-ish, busy professionals (say 20-40), predominantly English-speaking, college educated, ambitious and interested in improving their productivity

  • x.ai

    Arranges meetings for two or more people using an automated assistant

  • juliedesk.com

    Virtual assistant that arranges meetings

  • meetsally.ai

    Arranges meetings

  • bellgram.com

    Enhances business conversations with recordings, notes, transcripts etc of voice calls

Creative should NOT use

There is a trust issue here, forwarding a business email to some (initially) unknown address. Name should NOT be whimsical or funny, needs to sound serious and trustworthy. Can be techy.


Business meets technology.

Top 3 Things

1) Trustworthy
2) Innovative
3) Access by email

Additional Info

Name should be memorable and easy to spell. If it works as a business, it will be communicated from person to person using voice. I doubt that it will be found by searching Google and clicking on a link.



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