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About Your Company

We are a creative agency who make entertaining digital content.


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Target Audience

18 - 30 year old football fans from Europe and beyond.

Favorite taglines

We don't need a tagline, we need a name that makes you interested in watching the show.


youthful, fun, witty, full of attitude and banter, football talk.

Top 3 Things

What the show is about (football/soccer), that its full of debate, different opinions, fun banter, discovery and adventure.

Additional Info

Name needed for football show(!!!)
We need a name for an action packed, debate fuelled football (aka soccer) video content series.

We’re planning to send two football influencers around Europe to experience everything European football has to offer - the good, the bad and the downright crazy.
The catch… one of the football fans (British) dislikes everything about European football. So we’re going to throw him into the deep end and see if he can remain cynical throughout the experience.

Each episode will see our Cynic and Believer hanging out with a broad range of football personalities – the local fans, the travelling fans, the groundsmen, the youth squads, the coaches, the bar tenders, even some legends of the game. These experiences will help shine a light on footballing attitudes, beliefs, personality and passion across the continent.

Throughout the entire experience, Cynic and Believer will be engaged in some fiery football debate, creating entertaining and playful banter.
The debate will form an honest review of the matches they visit - the pros and cons. And in the end it doesn’t matter who wins the individual battles, as the war is won by a shared loved of the game.

Can you help us by coming up with a name that encapsulates a story of European footballing adventure, with a healthy dose of debate?

Audiences are primarily 18-30 year old football fans from across Europe (and beyond). So we want the name to feel youthful and encapsulate footballing culture.
It’s important to bare in mind that content will be posted online, with a mostly European Audience watching, so the name can’t be too colloquial or rely on English slang or idioms.

Thought starters:
What would make you want to watch the series?
Can we be cheeky or provocative?
What would you say to a group of mates?
How would you summarise the series concept in a few words?



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