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ePlantSource has developed a fully custom eCommerce platform that was built strictly with the horticulture industry in mind. Our tools allow flexibility in selling live goods, changing availabilities, and the ability to build in rules directly into the system to account for dynamic lead times, multiples and minimums. This upfront work allows for customers to place "clean" orders and saves hours of time on the back end.

ePlantSource has been continually improving the system internally for the past 6 years as an online brokerage for flowers and other edible goods but has recently launched the SaaS division of their business to offer this streamlined and efficient eCommerce platform to customers in a white labeled version of the site. Additionally, our software customers benefit from an admin tool to manage orders and run sales reports for production planning and resource management. The ePlantSource SaaS service is well suited for the floriculture and farm-to-table markets, as well as other agriculture endeavors.

The project that we have is to name this new SaaS platform. Due to the competitive landscape of our online brokerage business we will benefit greatly from a brand for the SaaS platform that differentiates itself from ePlantSource.


Current Website
Target Audience

Our target market is professional greenhouse growers and retail operations. At this point we do not have any consumer facing products but that may change in the future.

The floriculture market is a traditional market that prior to ePlantSource's inception relied solely on a broker/sales rep model of distribution. Very few suppliers offered direct sales and only one company had any online presence for purchasing live goods for the professional greenhouse grower. When ePlantSource began we were positioned as strictly an online, self-service option that disrupted this out of date distribution model.

6 years later, many other companies have begun to embrace this model but we have found that our business model can be much more successful if we begin to focus on the SaaS option to sell our software to other companies instead of the brokerage only view. We have found that there is a gaping hole in how professional greenhouse growers sell to retailers and are aiming our focus at that part of the market to improve efficiencies and streamline the transaction process.

There are approximately 13,000 greenhouse operations in North America ranging from less than an acre to over 150 acres of production. There are increasingly shrinking margins in the industry and there is a lot of room for improvement on streamlining the supply chain to keep prices in the garden center profitable.

  • https://www.issol.com/

    The ePicas part of this company is our competitor. They also offer a full suite of back-end greenhouse production planning software but we don't compete with that. Customers are dissatisfied with their online ecommerce tools so there is a lot of room for us in this space.

  • http://www.webtracktogo.com/

    Ball's Webtrack is a competitor of ours in the broker space and they have the potential to move to the SaaS offering as well.

Creative should NOT use

Anything that is e"Something", it is too similar to ePlantSource, the brand we are trying to differentiate from.

Favorite taglines

Not taglines but my favorite eCommerce names are: Amazon, Shopify, Zappos, SquareSpace, ZenDesk, TradeDesk.


We strive to be very friendly and customer-centric in all aspects of our business and communications.

Top 3 Things

Efficiency, Innovation and Competitive Advantage.

Additional Info

I tend towards names that are either combinations of words or things that have meanings in other languages or cultures. While I want something creative, I also want it to help tell our story and mean something as a stand alone name without requiring a full explanation of the name.
I like names that are a combo of what the business is + benefits of working with this business.
I have attached a "word dump" that shows a variety of words that define our brand promise for this platform.



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