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Software & Technology

About Your Company

We help real estate agents find home sellers and convert them into customers using trust.
We focus on generating seller lead
We use paid google traffic only
We drive them directly to appointment rather than a lead
We generate high quality/low volume of leads
Our users choose agents based on their reviews
We save agents time by increasing the quality of leads
We reduce the time wasted cold calling internet leads
We set appointments directly from the app
We make beautiful real estate sites for agents
We offer high specialist real estate digital marketing services to some of the top real estate teams in Canada


Current Website
URL required
  • .com

Target Audience

Age - 28-55
Gender - male or female
Location - North America & Canada
Income $100,000+
Occupation - Realtor, real estate agent, Managing broker, Business development manager
Education - High school diploma & up
Values - They value money and status
Interests - Money, investing, Time,

Creative should NOT use

I don't want funny, not silly

Favorite taglines

We help brands become pulishers -Quiet.ly
Investing on Autopilot - wealthsimple


Agents should feel our company offers a blueprint to achieving success in real estate. Repeatable scalable success model which can help them find customers and dominate a local market.

Top 3 Things

We make beautiful real estate websites which generate high quality appointments
We save agents time as they don't have to work high volume of low quality leads
They don't need be experts at cold calling to make our system work and the leads have chosen to reach out for help and they want to talk to the agent

Additional Info

We are selling something different from the normal high volume/low quality lead which is generated by most systems. For our model to work the client need to be good at what they do and have testimonials which validate their skills. We don't trick customers into becoming a lead, they choose to and this matters. Our model is all about selling an agent based on trust and how they can help the user achieve their goals. Our team are made up of highly experiences real estate digital marketers from around the world, including the UK, USA and canada. Our services are expensive and they are not a good fit for all agents.



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