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Publishing & Media

About Your Company

We create websites targeting people searching for information or reviews. And we own a lot of them. We even have a viral news website similar to BuzzFeed. Currently, we are all about creating blogs.

In future, we intend to expand our services to web development, and even to acquiring clients who are in need of Google search engine optimisation for their websites. We might also try software/app development. In short, we want something plain that says we're an internet company.


URL required
  • .com

Target Audience

We target anyone and everyone on the internet through our blogs. So, there is no target audience. Our aim is to provide accurate information to our audience. If we ever expand to client acquisition or web/app development company, a cool unique company name will become a necessity so that we'll be easily recognized.

Favorite taglines

Less is More (Minimalister.com)
Go Deeper (Vox Media)


We are very fond of short brandable names. Something good to remember. If the name somehow communicates what we are doing, it would be awesome. But that's not a necessity (eg - Purch Media, RiseMetric Technologies)

Top 3 Things

Authority, Professionalism, Authentic

Additional Info

Brand name should be friendly to English speakers. Here are few names of our competitor companies that we like,
Purch Media
Minimalister Network
Vox Media
RiseMetric Technology
Hearst Media



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