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Business Info

What does your company do?

We deliver full spectrum data engineering and analytics services that help our customers learn and take action with their data.

Key Elements of the Mission
delivers - We dont just talk about it or plan it or give you a strategy how to do it. We do it.
full spectrum - Were doing this work across the board.
data engineering - We know that there is some serious engineering required to really take advantage of your data
and analytics - And we know that engineering alone doesnt get you there. Its the learning and understanding that counts.
services - Were not a product. Were a services company.
that help our customers- We dont do it for you. We do it with you. So you can be better.
learn - Youve got to have an epiphany and truly understand whats behind the data.
and take action - And once you learn, you can confidently make decisions. Because you have knowledge behind it.
with their data. - Its one of your primary assets. We want you to take advantage of it, and realize the benefits.

Do you require that a .COM or other URL be available for the new name?

I will accept a .com with an acceptable variation on the exact name

Target Audience

What is your industry?

Consulting and Professional Services

Describe your customers

Companies come to us because they want a certain level of intimacy, involvement, control, and influence on the solution. Companies who want a prebuilt package based on repeated templates are not likely to appreciate our approach. They see data as one of their most important assets of their company, and know they need to invest in it.

Many companies will focus on their technical chops (e.g. their focus on big data, their focus on data science). Many companies will vaguely refer to their ability to create business value with data.

Were different because our philosophy is driven by data, but grounded in science. We understand that big data is a means to an end, not an end in itself. We are experimental, we use experimental methodologies, we follow the concept of business as science.

1. Gather data about the world.
2. Create a hypothesis on how you can affect the world.
3. Experiment.
4. Evaluate and measure the results of your experiment.
5. Implement the results, and change the world.

For us, its about the science. We are not punks who think you can build technology just because its cool...we do things for a reason. This is based on the philosophies of performance management, so just simple technology development.

Our competitors may deploy some technology for you, but we know you need to focus on how it will be used. We can address the reality of the right techniques and platforms to manage data. We dont just focus on big, big, big. Were not predisposed to an answer. Were not pretentious. Were not self absorbed. Were smart, but we dont take ourselves too seriously. That helps us keep improving.

What 3 things do you want your company name to communicate to your customers?

The values we want to convey are that we are:

Talented - Weve worked very hard to hone our craft. It comes with some natural skills, but it also comes with hard work and practice.

Inventive - The status quo does not work for us. We can do it better, build it better, and make it better.

Collaborative - When we work together, well get a better outcome. We know that we can become excellent if we check our egos at the door and more often than not, listen. By building on each others perspectives, we create solutions like no one else.

Experimental - We know that you cant be the best unless you occasionally fail. We know failing sometimes means that you can become excellent.

Persistent - We dont give up. Ever. There is nothing that can be dreamed of that cant be done. We are relentless.

Diverse - Different opinions matter. Different backgrounds matter. Different matters.

Ethical - Not only do we do the right things, we do things right. We follow the better angels of our nature.

Style and Concept

What character, tenor, or spirit do you wish to convey?

Pioneering - Were always starting off on new exploits and new journeys. Were always preparing before we go there, but having to plan a little doesnt stop us from getting going.

Daring - We are not afraid to try something new. We take risks, and we know that taking risks is part of making our work extraordinary.

Inspiring - Weve experienced a lot. Weve seen a lot. And we want to share it with our customers. We know that when we share our thinking, it ignites a spark in them.

Pragmatic - We are a bit methodical, and were always trying to think two or three steps ahead of where we are now. Were constantly measuring, evaluating and using those outcomes to determine our next course of action.

Encouraging - We know that the kind of work we do is tough. And many companies are new to the domain. We help them get to where they need to be. They can get there, and we can help them.

Are there specific words or phrases you do not like?

No, there are no specific words or phrases.

Are there specific words or phrases you like?

Words from our key service offerings include...
Data Strategy: Helping companies understand what it means to be data-driven along with the technology and plan of action (roadmap) to get there
Data Architecture: Helping companies define and implement a best-fit, modern architecture to ingest, process and enable enterprise data analytics.
Data Engineering: Providing world-class data design, management and programming services to ingest, integrate, transform and prepare data for analytics.
Data Analytics: Providing analytical application design and development services which meet the need for day-to-day performance measurement and decision-making across the enterprise (Old world + New world)
Data Science: Providing advanced analytics, statistical methods and experimental design expertise to identify, design and optimize data-driven products and services

Other words we like for our name brainstorming include:

Do you have other info you want to share?

Please see the attached creative brief document for some more vision/company naming information

Acceptable variations of the name can include "Consulting" at the end of the name. For example "Asterisk Consulting."



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