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This summer we will be launching a new business and urgently need to determine a name for it. The business will be a mobile cleaning service for baby car seats and strollers. The idea is to be based out of a mobile van, and set up in the parking lot at major retails (e.g. Costco, Babies R Us) to clean strollers and baby car seats while moms are inside shopping (it will be a fast service, under 30 minutes). The service will focus on car seats in suburban areas, where we believe the true value proposition we are offering is that we will have Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians on site to reinstall car seats after they have been cleaned. (The large majority of parents tell us the cleaning itself isnt that hard, but the fact that they have to remove their product and then reinstall is a major hurdle because they are worried about safety). We will exclusively use eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning products to ensure that the baby is not allergic to any of the products.

Our business value proposition is that we are 1) CLEAN (we kill harmful germs) 2) FAST (under 30 minutes, since parents cant live without their products), 3) CONVENIENT (our mobile service lets us pick-up or drop-off products at retailers, preschools/daycares, city parks, churches, etc) 4) SAFE (we use safe cleaning products and we REINSTALL car seats), 5) ECO-FRIENDLY (we use eco-friendly products, and we also help parents recycle their products through re-use or re-sale / donation for another child, thus keeping products out of landfills).


We need a business name that is EASY to say and spell so that it is easily passed along via word of mouth. We need a distinctive name that is unique and will be easily readable and visible when printed on the side of a van or on a large tent in a parking lot. We need

We prefer not to be too "cutesy" (e.g. too much of a 'baby' name), but also do not want a strictly descriptive business name (e.g. "Spotless Strollers & Seats" would limit us to those types of products in the future, and we may want to consider expanding the business to include high chairs, play pens, etc).

In brainstorming names, we frequently came up with names that sounded too much like a car wash (e.g. "Tidy Rides") or a store where you could buy baby car seats and strollers (e.g. "Purely Prams"), so it would be better to have a unique business name, matched with a descriptive logo/slogan (e.g. "Tidy Tots: We get your seats and strollers spotless"). In reading "Igors guide to naming your business" (definitely reference if you haven't seen it before), it is clear that names that evoke a certain emotion or feeling are much better than purely descriptive names. We are definitely open to non-sense or unrelated names if they can evoke one of our core values (e.g. a women's spa named Edamame really makes you think of luxury and crisp, clean service, even though the asian food is completely unrelated).


Our audience is parents and caregivers of children under the age of 8, primarily toddlers. We are focused on middle and upper income brackets, so prefer a sleek/high-end name. We are hoping to grab shoppers attention as they go into retail stores so they will stop and let us clean their product, but we will also be marketing to franchisees who will buy into our company, as well as to retail partners who will want to let us set up in their parking lot. We want moms to feel better after using our service, that we have removed their guilt about not being able to keep their products as clean as they would like. We want moms to be proud to push her stroller in the park and have other moms envy how beautiful looks. We want to relieve stress from moms about not knowing how to safely install car seats.


www.babbaco.com, www.mightynest.com are both great designed names and logos that embody their business without being too descriptive or specific.

The following Google Document includes many names we have brainstormed. Please do not resubmit any names from this list, but you may also want to avoid looking at it until you are done brainstorming because we do not want you to come up with names like these - we don't like them!



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