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Business Info

What does your company do?

We service a niche market. We help small businesses that service airports and pilots. Our customers offer flight training for small planes, sell fuel, offer maintenance services, etc. So many still use pen and paper to record things. Were fixing that by creating a website to manage all their day to day needs online. Pilots will login to schedule aircraft rental and log flights. Were not helping the big companies (airlines), rather small, general aviation with small planes (think single engine).

Do you require that a .COM or other URL be available for the new name?

Available domain matching name required.
.COM preferred
.AERO is acceptable (search at http://www.nic.aero)

Affordable premium domain names acceptable (up to $5,000 USD)
Prefer short, memorable, easy-to-spell, easy-to-pronounce, hyphen-free domains.
No obscure names like, "er" in Flickr.
No numbers or hyphens.

Ideal name is 1-3 words.

Target Audience

What is your industry?

Consulting and Professional Services

Describe your customers

Our customers fly planes! Most are educated professionals. Some are lawyers, doctors, or small business owners. Some are just hobbyist and love to fly! Its a fun, savvy group of people. Most are over 18, but there is no age limit to start learning to fly.

What 3 things do you want your company name to communicate to your customers?

* Simple
* Professional
* Innovative

List the names of your top three competitors

* myfbo
* flightschedulepro
* totalfbo

Style and Concept

What character, tenor, or spirit do you wish to convey?

* Professionalism, although somewhat relaxed
* Memorable

Are there any words or phrases you especially like or hate?

* FBO should be avoided
* Jet should be avoided
* Should not be state, region, or country specific
* Aviation/flight/sky/air/cloud/space/etc related terms ideal
* Very open to names with non-aviation related terms. Eg. Lemon.com for receipt/expense tracking - nothing to do with receipts. Other large companies like Nike, McDonalds, Target, etc - name is independently branded and not necessarily related to the industry.
* Simplicity is vital.

Do you have other info you want to share?

Our previous logo+name is attached. We loved the name but later found it was registered trademark in our industry. :( It was short (only two syllables), easy to remember and say.

* Name must NOT be in use by any company in the aviation category.

* Name must not be trademarked or registered.

Things we do NOT want:
* Do not use any names or URLs with dashes "-".
* If a similar company name already exists found on google.com that is aviation related, we can't use it.
* If a similar USA or European trademark already exists found on uspto.gov that is aviation related, we can't use it.
* If a similar domain-name already exists found on networksolutions.com, we can't use it.

* Contractual Agreement: We require that the winner sign a separate assignment agreement. This is a standard document, transferring all rights in the contest's winning company-name to us for our exclusive worldwide use and ownership.



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