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Our site will offer a casual approach to dating with the possibility of finding love. For those who are looking to date, explore, see where it goes

We will be very focused on only letting quality people into the network.

We have re-thought how you create your profile and what info is included. We will also have some interesting and effective ways to let you search for possible dates.


1) Objectives & strategic priorities:

a) Brand position statement (not consumer facing): A trusted place for Wow.

i) Would ideally be neutrally placed between casual and serious. Dont want to imply casual dating only or a heavy marriage/long-term relationship focus.

ii) We prefer to use a real word that implies dating but is not obvious. For example bloom would be preferred to greatdate (obvious) and zazu (made up). Having said that, made up words do have some advantages so we are not completely against them.

b) Mission statement: Dedicated to helping you quickly, safely and confidently find the spark youre looking for.

c) Primary demo target: Singles 25 to 39

d) Primary objective create a new online dating brand that is in the top five overall in the US by the end of 2012 for:

i) Unaided Recall

ii) Score on Do you trust brand X?

iii) Score on Would you recommend brand X to a friend?

iv) Market share for online singles subscribers

e) Secondary objectives:

i) Memorable

ii) Easy to spell

iii) Friendly/Positive

iv) Action oriented

v) No obvious baggage/negatives

vi) Can own the name in our space

vii) Favorable reaction from both men and women

viii) Favorable response from key age demos

ix) URL is not surrounded by undesirable sites

x) Protectable TM

xi) URL reads well (e.g. www.GoDate.com could be read as www.GodAte.com)

xii) Manageable common law issues

xiii) No confusion with other dating sites

xiv) Reasonable cost for acquiring url and derivatives

2) Things weve learned/realized from testing and focus groups:

a) Names clearly connected to dating tend to test better. However, that may not mean they would make the best brand. Made up words received the worst test scores BUT have TM advantages. Still, for a made-up name to work it must be really strong with regard to key elements like - easy to spell, easy to remember, positive, etc.

b) Names that didnt test well scores were so low that its hard to see how a logo, tagline, etc would help.

i) Yowza

ii) Flutter

iii) Zeal

iv) Zing

v) Swoon

vi) Whirl

vii) Elate

viii) 2spoons

ix) GetsMe

c) Words/Names that are off-limits (either for TM or availability reasons). This includes variations (ex. For Click weclick, clicknow, etc are all out)

i) Click

ii) Match

iii) Duo

iv) Spark

v) Bloom

vi) Whirl

vii) Wink

viii) Verge

ix) Mingle

x) FirstDate

xi) MyType

xii) PlusOne

xiii) Cloud9

xiv) Intro

d) We are willing to pay for a good url but it has to meet all of the above criteria and not be burdened with big TM/legal issues.


As mentioned above - This site is for singles looking for love via a more casual approach. The specific targets are:

- The 60% of Singles (straight and gay) who want casual dating that could lead to more (not serial daters and not daters very serious about marriage)

- 25 to 39 year old daters

- Daters who are unsatisfied with Match, Yahoo Personals, eHarmony and other big sites


www.spark.com - captures that "aha" moment of meeting someone interesting

www.mytype.com - positive and says "dating" in a subtle way

www.unoduo.com - romantic sounding and leads you to "one becomes two"


- Name must be 8 letters or LESS

- It cannot have undesirable sites (port) at urls that are close to this primary url.

- Please use the TESS database to look for obvious Trademark issues. We would only be concerned about trademarks registered to companies in the dating/social networking space.



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