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About Your Company

Music lessons and education on popular instruments for children ages 5-18.


Target Audience

Our music school is located in Henderson Nevada. We want to appeal to children between 5 and 17 years of age who are interested in learning to play popular music (i.e., sing, play guitar or bass, drums, keyboard) or DJ, as well as to their parents. We expect our target audience will be families with an annual income of $75,000 or more, living within a 15 minute drive of the school. Most likely, mom will be the decision maker. Parents will likely have at least some college education, like music, and most importantly be focused on providing enrichment activities like music lessons for their kids.

Creative should NOT use

We want to be seen as fun, edgy and exciting to kids but not turn off the moms. We also don't want to use the word "rock" in the name - we like rock music but want to offer music education in other genres too, like hip-hop, EDM, even jazz.

Favorite taglines

we like the word amplified


We want to offer a music education experience kids want to post on their instagram feed.

Top 3 Things

Music education played loud in a kid-friendly yet edgy environment

Additional Info

We like School of Rock but believe they are moving more toward late teen and even adult music education experience, which might be too edgy. Bach to Rock is positioning themselves almost at the other extreme - mommy and me type music. They have a nice logo but the color scheme in their stores is sterile. We want to be more like Hot Topic but with actual music education, except maybe not quite that edgy.



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