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About Your Company

I am a boutique music recording solutions start-up. I offer producing, recording, mixing, and mastering services to artists and musicians. My target audience is 18-55yr olds, songwriters, bands, and record labels working in indie, folk, and rock (not EDM or hiphop)


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  • .com

Target Audience

18-55yr old songwriters, bands, and labels who work in indie, folk, and rock. Male and female, based all over the world, income between 20k-50k, occupations include music store sales associate, server/bartender, touring musicians, full-time student. College educated, liberal, passionate and driven.

Creative should NOT use

I want to convey confidence without being intimidating. It can be lighthearted but not silly. I want to avoid any quality qualifiers ("Great..., Awesome...")


Artistic and Passionate. Down to earth. Cool but not sleek or badass.

Top 3 Things

Integrity, Creatively-driven, Approachability

Additional Info

I'm inspired by nature and animal imagery. I'm an outdoorsman, vegan, generally passionate about wildlife preservation. Would be neat if those values were somehow incorporated! Also, I know I want the company name to end with "...Recordings". So it will read as, "BLANK Recordings". (Other popular suffix options with professionals in my field include "Studios", "Audio", or "Sound", but those don't apply to the specific services I offer). Thank you!



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