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Health Care & Biotech

About Your Company

-A telemedicine startup that connects patients with their local providers (either their actual doctors or one's nearby) for web-based (it's going to be mainly App/Mobile based) medical diagnosis and treatment.
-We are different than most telemedicine solutions in that we are essentially are designed by doctors for doctors and make the entire process relatively effortless for them.
-The App is very easy to use for patients and we essentially ensure that patient's are recieving the same (and often better) care than they would in person without the hassel of taking time off work and driving to a doctors office.


URL required
  • .com

Target Audience

Anyone who wants to be evaluated by their doctor remotely (or by a local doctor). We suspect it will be people less than 65 (likely ages 20-55) who own a mobile devices and are tech saavy enough to download an app and find local medical providers. They likely will have some disposible income and will value reliable, fast, and convienet care. It will be for low acuity issues such as hairloss, birth control, erectile dysfunction, rash, spot on the skin, upper respiratory infection, etc.

  • Teladoc

    Telemedicine company that connect patients with random doctors for one off concerns. The doctors are not local and do not have a relationship with the patients.

  • Amwell.com

    Telemedicine company that connect patients with random doctors for one off concerns. The doctors are not local and do not have a relationship with the patients.

  • MDLive

    Video based medical evaluation by remotely located random doctors.

Creative should NOT use

I'm open to most things but want something easy to remember and spell. Would like to avoid something that is too silly or does not inspire some amount of confidence, as we are providing medical care and managing medical information. At the same time, nothing to sterile or off putting since we don't want to scare people or sound like some sort of impersonal/cold service.

Favorite taglines

One tagline I like for our unnamed company is "Connecting with your providers" but it's still a work in progress. I love Nike's "Just Do It" and Coke's "Open Happiness" also USPS "We Deliver"


-Care deeply about ensuring the patient's are recieving the best care possible by harnessing the important of local patient-doctor relationships and the latest technologies.
-Also want people to feel it's easy, convient, and not a scary thing to do.
-We also want a tone/voice of innovation. The current system and has lagged behind how most other industries opperate. We are a technology platform that empowers providers to change the way care is delivered. Our mission is to make telemedicine option A for most things and make in-person care option B.

Top 3 Things

-Connecting patients with their local providers.
-Delivering the best quality of care, period!
-So easy/convenient that it becomes the standard.

Additional Info

Provide a system providers WANT to use
Provide an experience patient really LOVE (Amazon of health care)
Make sure the domain is available for purchase (we do not have the funds to pay thousands of dollars for a name)

-Web platform that facilitates high quality remote care for existing provider/patient relationships or to develop new local relationships (goal is to support the doctor-patient relationship and not destroy it by dooing what other telemedicine companies do by fragmenting care with random non-local doctors).
-Allow medical providers to offer telemedicine without infrastructure/resources and in a very low stress way.
-Become the cost effective, high convenience, primary option for care delivery.
-To make in-person physician visits option B.



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