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Creative Brief

Who are you?

We provide education, support and counseling services to couples experiencing infertility. We help them understand and think through the medical options available for building their family by way of sperm donation, egg (oocyte) donation and embryo donation.

We also provide counseling and support services to those that wish to help infertile couples build their family by way of donation of their sperm, eggs and/or embryos.

We offer a highly specialized professional expertise (with background experience in building family through both traditional adoption and donation.) We provide compassionate and empathetic services as well as state of the art, interactive, web-based educational courses and support services.

What do you need?

We are in need of a business name and tag-line.

The company will be a not-for profit.

Who Is Your Audience?

Our audience consists of three main groups:
1. (Typically) married couples that have been trying to have a child for one or more years. The average age of these couples is 30 - 46 years old. After failure to build their family through natural means or through medical intervention such as hormonal therapy, interuterine insemination or in-vitro fertilization, they may be facing the following choice: adopt a child or pursue an attempted pregnancy through the use of donated oocytes, donated sperm or donated embryos.

2. Potential donors:
Sperm donors: Typically males between the ages of 21 - 38. May be married or single.
Egg donors - typically females between 21 - 28 years of age.
Embryo donors typically are couples ranging from 35 - 52 years old. These couples also experienced infertility but were able to have children following the medical treatment of in-vitro fertilization (the sperm and egg are joined outside of the body in the lab and then placed back into the uterus to grow and (hopefully) produce a pregnancy and birth. Sometimes more embryos are created than can be used to build a family and those embryos are frozen at time of creation and can be donated for use by another couple. The couples that donate their embryos are not paid for their donation, they donate out of great love for their unused embryos and the desire for them to have life as well as out of concern, empathy and support for those that long to have a child but are not able to do so without medical intervention and donation assistance.

3. Medical Professionals specializing in Reproductive and Endocrinology Medicine. Doctors ask our company to provide education, counseling and support services to their patients - both those that are struggling to have a child due to on-going infertility and those that might be willing to donate to assist another couple in hopes that they will be able to experience the joy of having a child.


We Like These Examples

The National Embryo Donation Center
The Center for ....
This will be a nationally based business serving infertile couples and donors from across the United States.
We do not want to use the word "reproductive or reproduction" in the business name.
Most of the counseling and educational services are provided by way of telephone consult and on-line interactive learning, live chats, web conferences etc.

We are not a medical clinic. Rather we specialize in providing mental health services - counseling, parenting preparation,decision making support, education and grief and loss and parenting transition counseling etc.

We Absolutely Must Have

Open to any color but prefer colors that will show well in print and web publications (not washed out or faint)



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