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About Your Company

I am needing a company name to encompass my consulting work. Currently, this includes 1x1 coaching, workshop facilitation, and team training as a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach but may broaden over time to encompass additional HR expertise. So, what I'm looking for is a company name for myself.

To provide some context on my professional life...While working at a small start-up based in Austin, TX (my hometown), I fell into HR and left there 6 years later with a career. I continued that HR career at a much larger company within the technology industry and am still with this company today. My experience the past 9.5 years has encompassed nearly every aspect of HR but the bulk of it has been as an HR Generalist and more recently as a Recruiter specializing in internal mobility (helping existing employees get to their next role at the company). Additionally, both of these companies adopted the strengths based philosophy and I was introduced to the Clifton StrengthsFinder during this time and have since been certified as a coach (my current company invested in a few of us to do this). I use this training in my current role as a Recruiter but also conduct team sessions and trainings for the company as a Coach although it is not part of my primary responsibilities. Separate from my day job (the above), I also do strengths coaching/consulting and have been able to rely on my network and word of mouth referrals.


URL required
  • .com

Target Audience

"working-age"; 18+
gender neutral although I have strong partnerships with other organizations that elevate women
central Texas focused for in person services (workshops, 1x1 coaching, etc); US focused otherwise (can do remote coaching, not overly concerned about alternative time zones but only speak English and don't expect to have a global audience at this point)
income/occupation/industry/education agnostic...however, there are two different profiles for the type of work I've done (1) I facilitate team focused sessions when working with groups/organizations/companies and they tend to be in the tech industry (multiple occupations) and are innovative valuing creativity, autonomy, productivity or (2) I work on an individual/personal level in a 1x1 session or in a smaller workshop in which the audience tends to be more focused on diversity and inclusion, i.e. elevating women

  • https://www.gallupstrengthscenter.com/

    I am a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and this is the company that is the foundation of my coaching (their research, their assessment, their certification for coaching, etc.) Individuals and companies can reach out to Gallup directly for services and/or go to their site to find a Certified Strengths Coach through their directory. Gallup can be more expensive than using a Coach but are able to scale their resources for larger engagements.

  • https://leadershipalive.com/strengthsfin...

    I would still define Gallup as my biggest "competition" but I'm including this as a reference point to show that there are plenty of other Gallup certified coaches/consultants out there. This is an example that is easily found using search terms like "strengths coach" and "Austin, TX". I'm not really concerned about this guy (or other coaches per se) eating into my market share and really not as concerned about Gallup doing it either. I feel that there are lots of engagements to tap into and we haven't even tapped the surface.

  • http://www.julieandersoncoaching.com/

    Another example using different search terms.

Creative should NOT use

I want something professional but not formal.


Authentic, spirited, inclusive, humorous

Top 3 Things

Growth, Confidence, Fulfillment

Additional Info

Link to another colleague/organization that I partner with that is similarly minded. Cristina and I have co-facilitated together and she is one of my best advocates (as well as a great referral source) https://www.womenontherise.co/
I've toyed with the idea of just using my name but it feels a bit too narcissistic for me.

A friend of mine is an artist and uses an abbreviated version of her name (Beth Inglish) which I love because it easily identifies her, is easy to say but also is different than just a signature. If there was a way to incorporate my name in a creative way similar to that, I would be totally game. https://binglishart.com/

I love puns. I love movies, pop culture, and music. I love to dance. I love Patrick Swayze.



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