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About Your Company

- www.sohohouse.com for active older adults/babyboomers aged 55+
- senior living re-imagined for the 'new old' i.e. cool, active, sophisticated and curious retired/semi retired babyboomers who love the arts, culture, good food and international travel
- a private members club with a global network of beautifully designed inner city clubhouses
- the clubhouses incorporate hip hospitality design with practical universal design considerations for healthy aging in place. they have a mix of private apartments and shared work/play/stay spaces together with smart concierge and curated entertainment content


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Target Audience

Audience: Empty nester babyboomers downsizing into the city for maintenance free apartment living in a like minded community

Age: 55+

Gender: Male/female/gay/straight

Location: New York, London, Barcelona

Income: Home owners with enough income, equity and savings to be able to afford to rent a designer downtown condo (studio, 1 or 2 bed)

Occupation: Retired in the traditional sense so working less hours, but still active in consulting – work is a quality vs quantity pursuit and they like the flexibility to dip in and dip out.

Industry: Respected leader in their field of Design, Advertising, Media, Marketing, Architecture, The Arts, Music, TV, Movies, Journalism, Faculty/Higher Ed, Tech.

Education: College educated

Lifestyle: Global travellers that want to remain engaged with the rich cultural and intellectual life of the City, learn new things, contribute value and also give back.

Values: Experiences over possessions, Independence, Connection to Community and Life’s Purpose, Fun, Entertainment, Engagement, Enrichment, Curiosity, Purpose, Growth, Turning Success into Significance, Meaningful Work, Impact, Innovation, Philanthropy/giving back. Thriving in Community (vs aging in place = loneliness)

Interests, Activities & Pursuits:
The Arts, Education/Faculty, new experiences, adventure travel, educational travel, lifelong learning (student), teaching (sage), mind and body wellness, mindfulness, making new connections. Conservation. Grandparenting. Politics/Democracy. History & Philosophy. Investing and social impact investing. Museum culture. Legacy projects. Philanthropy.

Doesn’t like:
Ageism, steretypes of old people as inferior, institutional nursing homes.

Creative should NOT use

whilst our product is age targetted ('like tribe' baby boomers) we don't want any reference to 'senior'. 'elder', etc

Favorite taglines

1. more life
2. a series of spaces, experiences & stories
3. later life re-imagined
4. a destination for the unconventional


fresh, lively, active, curious, artistic, sophisticated

Top 3 Things

1. Thriving in a like tribe community and aging gracefully while having fun
2. Ongoing Work, Play, Travel, Growth Opportunity - Entertainment, Engagement, Enrichment
3. Beautiful design and architecture



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