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About Your Company

Leveraging our proprietary technology and industry expertise, we provide efficient, effective recruitment marketing solutions for colleges and universities that need help enrolling students in their online programs. We're a small team of tech and higher ed experts that love to solve challenging problems that matter. We believe that education matters and that technology empowers. Colleges and universities need us because the revolution in higher education has left many schools behind and they need help making sure their programs are accessible online - because that's what today's students demand as they continue their education.


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Target Audience

We're a B2B brand. Our target audience consists of higher ed enrollment professionals, ranging from directors of enrollment (30-45) all the way to university presidents (60+), depending on the depth and breadth of services we will provide to a school. We're a young, tech-enabled company , so our 'right-fit' client will have a similar mindset or at least understand that they need a marketing partner that 'gets it', is modern/future focused, understands digital marketing and can help them grow. So even though we need to be professional enough to appeal to campus presidents, we need to be modern enough to communicate that we are experts in digital marketing/advertising and tech-based recruitment programs.

Creative should NOT use

in terms of a name, we want to stand out in an industry full of really literal names, so we'd like to go with something more suggestive or more metaphorically related or something evocative. We'd like to avoid getting overly cute since we're working with very educated professionals.

Favorite taglines

think different. just do it.


We need to strike a balance of professional, modern and smart, while being down-to-earth and approachable. We want to stand out as a company that is young (not stuck in old ways) and relies on science/technology to help our clients be more efficient and effective. Ideally, we want to work with future-focused universities (rather than old-school mentalities), so our brand should be straight-forward (lack of jargon and big words), direct and maybe even a little bold to give us some personality – while still being professional and respectful of our audience.

Top 3 Things

Smart but personable, help schools succeed by being smart/efficient, rely on tech for better outcomes

Additional Info

Our team/company is a bit of a spin off of team members from other agencies in our industry. We are currently operating under the business name/brand of Campus Explorer - but that was a website created as a consumer focused search engine and our business has evolved to serve universities to help them recruit students, so the name Campus Explorer has become too narrow to serve as our corporate brand. As a leadership team, we went through an exercise to better define our mission. Here's what we came up with: Why do we exist? Because we love to solve challenging problems that matter. What do we believe? Education matters. Technology empowers. What do we do? Provide efficient, effective recruitment solutions. How do we do it? By leveraging our technology and expertise in Higher Education marketing and through collaborative partnerships with our clients. Who do we do it for? Modern education providers and programs (colleges and universities that want to grow and succeed and realize they need outside help).



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