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This company is primarily in multi-family property management. It will manage apartment complexes in different areas but could manage other types of property like commerical properties at some point. It will be customer service centric and driven with our primary responsibility to our residents, their satisfaction and neighborhood improvement. Our target audience is not typically the resident though we want the name to appeal to the residents. Our typical resident would be a mellenial that could have been dissatisfied at their previous management company. We want to show them that we offer not only an apartment, but also elite service to the customer. Additionally our company will want to attract investors who buy into our vision of treating the consumer with elite customer service, kindness and love.


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Target Audience

We have two types of audience, the residents and potential investors. We would probably want the appeal to be the investors. The investor we're looking for are those that are conscious minded, that care about people, are generous and promote goodwill.

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A Domain must be available.


We want the appearance of being a polished company that's driven to self-improvement, the betterment of society and neighborhoods, process and people oriented. We want to be funded and capitalized by like minded people who have core principles. We want to be innovative to new processes and new ways of thinking while being a leader in the industry demonstrating conscious-minded management.

Top 3 Things

Innovative, conscious (but not this word), creative.

Additional Info

'Kaizen' is japanese and loosly translate to "Relentless pursuit of continuous improvement". I love this concept but couldn't put together a great business name. We also really liked the words 'dynamic' and 'kinetic. I really would like a single name for the company. I like clever names or merged/mashed words that are linked together.



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